Rumour: The PlayStation 4 Will Cost Over $400

Everybody is expecting Sony to announce the PS4 on February 20 that it's a forgone conclusion at this point. Now rumours are coming out about the price of the next generation system. Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun is reporting that the PS4 will retail for over $400. Expensive?

Specifically, the Asahi Shimbun reported a 40,000 yen price which translates to $414 in Australian dollars. For reference, the PS3 launched at 50,000 yen for the base model and 72,000 yen for the 60GB version. In the US, the launch prices were $US500 and $US600, respectively. So possibly a little more affordable than the launch of the PS3 but significantly more expensive than how much the PS3 costs now. Which to tell the truth, isn't that surprising.

The Japanese paper also references a controller that has the same shape as the Dual Shock 3 with the addition of some sort of touchpad. We'll find out what's what on February 20th. [Asahi via The Verge]


    ...Duh. The PS3 on launch was like $900 or something. Pure lulz

      @kzd, the prices in the USA were $500 and $600. In Australia they were ~$900 but as the article mentioned USD, it's safe to assume they were referring to the USD prices

        That's because at the time the dollar was only worth about 80c US.

      "Specifically, the Asahi Shimbun reported a 40,000 yen price which translates to $414 in Australian dollars. "

      I thought AUD because of this. Even if it was USD, it will obviously be over $400.

    That's significantly cheaper than the ps3 and ps2, I remember it cost over NZ$1000 at launch!

      Yeah exactly... I reckon even the PS1 was like $1000 at launch back in the crazy days of Sega Saturns etc... $400 is brilliant!!

      PS2 was AUD$749 on launch here back in the day..

    $414aud in Japan, $828aud in Australia. Don't anyone kid themselves here. We all know the price will be heavily inflated for our "rich" country.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's obsolete.
    I just posted this to stir the pot, odds are I'll get either a PS4 or an XBox lol.

      Here's the problem with that
      "Availability is rumored to be around the end of February with a hefty MSRP of $899."

        Yep, but at the end of the first half of the year GK110 chips (Or something bred from them) will be mainstream.

    Rumour: The Playstation 4 will run on electricity.

    Rumour: The Playstation 4 will be made by Sony.

    Rumour: The Playstation 4 will run games.

      I wouldn't be so sure about the last one :P

      games you say? thats a big improvement over the ps3

      +1 internets for you sir :)

    considering recent crack downs on these type of elevated prices in australia it wouldnt surprise me if we had something closer to the standard price.

    Aaaaaand ill still buy one because i'm Rich bitches!
    Seriously who thinks any new console would be under $400 at launch?

    I think if Sony want to make a come-back (and they need to, very quickly) they're going to have to sell it at a low cost. A sub $500 price tag on launch would be fantastic for sales, but let us hope that happens AND it's going to be better for devs to work with this time.

    I still use my ps3 every day... but haven't played a game on it for about a year :|

      $500 launch price a good thing? That way we can pay $130 a game, but the console was cheap...

      I'tll be around $900, same as PS3, PS2 and the original PS.

    Whats everyone whinging about . Ps3 still retails for $350. if its released at $500 that's still a bargain! Lets hope Sony realized this is a console this time round and you dont have to install games anymore haha. that was the biggest fail!
    if Sony want to win this round just make second hand games aloud and they will steal some of the Xbox user base for sure. But I think they are teaming up on this used game issue..

      They made you install because Blu-rays drive speed is so slow, so unless that has improved (i have no idea if it has) than prepare for installs again.

    The PS3's price tag was so high because it was system that pioneered a new media type: Blu-Ray discs. Even at $1000, the unit was still the cheapest way to get a BR player. The console was more than a console - it was a multimedia centre, and one that offered an experience you really couldn't get elsewhere.

    But now that TVs have caught up and there are hundreds of other options for today's newest media (streaming, I would say), the PS4 console won't have that edge. It'll have to be cheaper.

    Last edited 07/02/13 2:31 pm

      That first paragraph sounded like it was directly copied from Sony's PR department.

    i got the 60gb when they first came out for 1k so thats dirt cheap. ill take 2 :)

    Wouldn't surprise me if it was $400- just confirms what I thought. All consoles are sold at a loss- they make the money off games. There's no way they got the graphics power and processor power for the PS4 AND a blu-ray drive for $400 cost....

    PS1 release was $999 back 15 or so years ago... I bought one hahahaha wtf was i thinking.

    I bet it's around $600, it's still low but digital purchase + no used game feature they have will eat your wallet alive.

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