RED Sues Sony For Alleged Patent Infringement

RED Sues Sony For Alleged Patent Infringement

If you’re not familiar with RED cameras, you’re missing out on a crazy world of high-end cinema tech. Chances are if you’ve ever watched The Hobbit, Prometheus or The Informant!, you’ve seen what a RED Camera can do. Today RED Cameras opened up a can of legal hurt on Sony, alleging via a lawsuit that the Japanese camera giant is infringing on its patents. RED doesn’t just want damages, though: it wants to pulp Sony’s pro-camera business.

Deadline Hollywood reports that RED Digital has sued Sony Corp and for “wilful infringement of its patents”.

RED wants a trial by jury and an injunction on three of Sony’s high-end cinema cameras:

Alleging two instances of “willful and wanton” patent infringement on technology used in its Red One camera, Red is seeking a court order that its patents are “valid and enforceable” as well as an injunction against Sony’s F65, F55 and F5 cameras to stop their further sale and have them destroyed.

More on this one as it unfolds. [Deadline]