Readmill: A Beautiful Ebook Reader For Your iPhone

Sure, reading on a bigger screen is always preferred but maybe you don't want to take your iPad with you everywhere? No problem. Readmill is a reader intended for a smaller space.

What does it do?

Lets you read books on your iPhone. The format is made specifically for a device with less screen real estate, but it's iPad compatible too, even though there's already one for the iPad.

Why do we like it?

Reading on an LCD display is always going to be hard on your eyes. But if you want to read on your iPhone, this is a pretty good format for that. Readmill is well designed, and has a very fresh, clean interface. The typography is nice and simple, you can highlight quotes easily, and change to night mode if you're reading in the dark. It supports all ebook formats — ePub, PDF (Adobe DRM and DRM-free) — and you can upload books from the Readmill site. Even if you don't like reading on mobile, you might actually enjoy Readmill.


Download this app for: iPhone, iPad (free) The best part: beautiful interface The worst part: still hard on the eyes

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