Power Strip With USB Ports Solves Very Obscure Problem

Maybe it's a little too particular to complain about your gadgets not getting the exact kind of charge they're supposed to get. Oh well. The Kopi KBAR power strip fixes that issue with with a switch that lets you change the wattage when your phone's juicing up.

The bar has three AC hubs and two 12W 5V USB ports, and a zap of colour gives the KBAR for a little bit of style. Each strip is $US60 and is compatible with all Android phones, most Android tablets, and the iPad, iPhone and iPod. It might solve a first world problem, but at least it's solving a problem. [Kopi via ChipChick]


    So what do you want us to do with a strip with US sockets, buy converters for each socket?

    It's not even a problem! Devices will pull the current they need, provided it's available.
    In this case, 12W will easily exceed any devices needs

      Not the USB sockets. The other ones.


    Nothing new...although I do like the style of those ones.

      Or, plug your power board through one of these:

      Alternatively, I use one of these when travelling:

    USB (and powered USB) has set voltage levels and voltage control built in. You don't need a switch on the supply, the device will handle that itself.

    Why must powerboard manufacturers make them with such small port pitch, which makes wide plugs a pain to plugin.

    Not to mention a power board with only 3 power sockets is just a triple adapter, only buys you 2 extra plugs and 2 USB for $60.

    And generally, who cares what it looks like, its almost always hidden anyway (well mine are).

    Why must the manufacturers a) leave the power socket spacing at normal so that they cannot take the larger wall warts and b) normally (not in this particular case) use such piddlingly small specs on the USB charger? 2.1A across 2 ports is ridiculous these days. It should be 12W per port as this power board will deliver - a minimum of 4A across the pair.

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