Postal Services Should Consider These Belgian Chocolate-Flavoured Stamps

Postal services all around the world must be having a hard time staying afloat. Email and social networking is available all around the world, but maybe we should take a hint from the clever Belgians who have created a collection of stamps that celebrate — and actually smell and taste like — chocolate.

The collection is designed to celebrate the country's heritage and reputation of producing some of the world's finest chocolate, and when available on March 25 will come in five unique designs. And besides mouthwatering imagery, the glue used on the stamps was spiked with cocoa oils so they smell chocolately, and hopefully taste just as good.

Thankfully, the flavour bar with stamps has already been set pretty low. Collectors outside of Belgium might want to book their flights now though, since the run is being limited to just 500,000 stamps, and there's no doubt the locals are going to snatch them up quickly.

[bpost via PSFK]

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