Opinion: Why It's Not Fun To Kick Vodafone Anymore

People love to complain about their telco provider, but when it comes to no. 3 telco Vodafone, kicking it to death has become somewhat of a national pastime. We now stand two years after the #Vodafail fiasco, and the class-action lawsuit for disgruntled customers has resurfaced. When the case was proposed back in 2011, it was fun and empowering, but now that it's back in 2013, it feels wrong and cruel. Here's why it's not fun to kick Vodafone anymore.

I can't think of a clearer way to say this, so I'll just come straight out with it: two years ago, Vodafone screwed up. It didn't spend money on the right things on its network, and it's still paying the price.

Smartphones came along and gave Vodafone's 3G network such a heavy load to deal with that it damn-near crushed the whole company. Three years on and customers are still leaving in droves while the company loses money hand over fist trying to make itself better.

There have been class-action lawsuits and silly hashtags that helped people jump onto the "let's kick the hell out of Vodafone for being rubbish" bandwagon, and that was fun for a while. Hell, we did it ourselves with stories about how bad Vodafone's network is, and even the Federal Communications Minister has had a go.

Here's the thing though: nobody knows that Vodafone screwed the pooch on its 3G network better than Vodafone does. The company has changed its CEO, fired 45 per cent of its workforce in just over a year, and invested a reported $2.5 billion in getting the network back to where it should be.

All the while, the assault on Vodafone for its network is getting petty, and this class-action lawsuit — which won't be filed for three months to get more people on board — is giving people a second, third and fourth whack at the Vodafail piñata. It's a piñata that burst two years ago, and now it's just a group of mean kids hitting things with sticks.

But there's a bigger picture here than just people complaining about their phone service. While some people still think it's fun to kick Vodafone for a dodgy, that fun could give way to some serious consequences for the Australian telco market in the long term.

Vodafone lost $800 million and over 400,000 customers last year. That's huge damage for any company, and when it's compounded with other losses Vodafone has taken in the last two years, it's a miracle to see them still standing and still investing billions of dollars into fixing a network everyone supposedly hates. Regardless, shares are still in the red, meaning that shareholders aren't racing to jump back in bed with the telco. Without key shareholders, Vodafone risks going under due to lack of investment from international partners and parents who have stood by the company for decades.

Here's the worst-case scenario: the people who fund Vodafone pull their investments and decide it's not worth the time anymore. Now that's not about to happen in the near future, but if it did we'd be left with a mobile duopoly in Australia. More carriers means more competition, and more competition means more people fighting for your custom, which usually leads to innovation, better deals for customers and a telco environment that evolves for its customers. Fewer carriers obviously means the opposite.

Australia needs Vodafone more than it knows, so I think it's time we all grew up and stopped kicking it now. It's time we were all bigger than that, isn't it?

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    From what my friends say Optus is so much worse and gets no where near the negative attention that Vodafone does. In fact I am on Telstra and my girl friend is on Vodafone, more often than not, if one of us doesn't have reception its usually me.

      You should get a handset that actually supports the Telstra frequencies.

        With respect, all modern phones support Australian network frequencies -- the level of stability while connected to those networks is controlled at a software level, and I'm not talking APNs -- I'm talking cell/modem configuration software.

        In the case of Android, you can flash "modem files" which essentially is just software that is configured to use various frequencies over others first -- basically, prioritization.

        The whole thing that the handset is a "telco specific" device is a load of crap, as is the whole network locking thing -- its all controlled at software level.

          In regards to the frequencies, while what you have said is generally true in the upper end of the price scale, mid to lower range phones are normally built without all of them, For example, if you were to buy a Samsung Galaxy Ace you would find it has 900 MHz/2100 MHz so would be useless on Telstra (850 MHz). No flashing of software is going to change that.

            Nokia did this the Lumia 800 as well - the 850 VAR model worked with Telstra & Voda, and the 900 VAR model with Optus. Thankfully this didn't continue on the current generation Lumia 820.

          As dets says, you're wrong. Many mid to low range phones (and even some higher end ones) don't support the 850 Mhz frequency Telstra uses for their 3G network, because it's not as common throughout the world as the 900/2100 that Optus and Vodafone use. No software update is going to fix that, that's a hardware thing that's built into the phone.

          with respect to your comment but can you tell what 'all modern' phones support Asutralian network freq. on 3G/WCDMA? Most telco uses 2100Mhz for 3G but Telstra reuses its CDMA freq. (850Mhz) for 3G. rarely does a phones don't support both 2100 and 850. I know of 2, pos 3.

        Homeless people can't afford nice phones.

          You can't hug your children with nuclear arms.

            Sorry I just assumed we were playing the non-sequitor-won't-somebody-think-of-the-children game

      Could be the handset.

      I don't think Optus is as bad as Vodafone, at least not in the Sydney Basin or the South Coast.

      Vodafone lost over 400,000 customers... If Optus got an extra 200,000 customers in 1 year, their network would be expected to suffer abit.

      The issue you have is that people are on Voda cuz its cheap, Telstra is very expensive for what you get so the next best thing is Optus for price.

      The problem here? Optus absorbed a lot of the shedding Vodafone customers and in turn now has the similar problem Voda had.

      Telstra had no issues with the any sudden increase as their network is built to handle anything and everything that's been thrown at it (User base level wise)

      TLDR : Vodafone lost costumers to Optus and Telstra, Most prob went to Optus, now Optus could face similar issues

        Optus hasn't become crap all of a sudden. They have been crap ever since they were the leading seller of the iPhone 3Gs in Australia. Constant dropouts, awful call quality, slow internet. I got myself off Optus via the TIO three years ago, and judging by my friends and families current experience they haven't got any better at all.

        Made me furious seeing Vodafone cop a flogging when Optus was just as bad and Optus didn't have to admit they had a crap network at all.

          Yep. I had a 3GS and Optus network was deadset dreadful.

            So did I but I did some research and it turns out there's a reason why Optus seemed so crap, the 3GS doesn't actually support the 900MHz frequency; this is Optus' superior "Yes G" frequency so all Optus 3GS users were stuck using the crappier 2100MHz frequency

        I read a while ago that Telstra was picking up the majority of ex-Vodafone customers not Optus. I hope this is the case and Optus doesn't go down the path of Vodafone's problem.


          I am in the telecommunications industry, and I can tell you the following:

          1. Most ex-Vodafone customers are going Telstra's way

          2. This has drastically slowed Telstra's NextG network, particularly in Melbourne

          3. As the article rightly says, Vodafone is still in business ONLY because their international backers see a future in the company and brand here. If they change their mind and withdraw the funding... bye bye Vodafone, hello duopoly.

            I'm happy that the Vodafone network congestion has massively reduced. I consistently get 10-15mbits on H+ in Brisbane, and rarely get a dropped call.. In some regards, its a shame that Vodafone lost that many customers, but maybe it was a good thing, especially for those like me that chose to stick it out :) Losing all those customers just made the service even faster for the rest of us :D weeeehheeee!.

            In other news, I was not surprised to hear from most of my friends who jumped ship to Telstra to bask in the great speed and coverage, have actually had quite the opposite experience they had expected, as well as having no end of other issues including mashed up incorrect mobile bills - and not to mention complaints about the incompetent offshore tech support which has been said to be worse than a 7 day old dogs breakfast on the best of days...

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        Optus may be falling behind in other parts of Australia, but here in Adelaide the story is very different.

        Some major work has been happening in relation to backhaul here, and as a result, the speeds around Adelaide have increased dramatically. Call dropouts and poor reception still abound, mainly because they haven't turned on 3G at 900mhtz here yet - when that happens, it will be just as good as Telstra 3G in many areas,

        I'd still only go a prepaid for voice on Optus though. Optus has a bad habit of increasing backhaul and data speeds, then putting on loads of new customers via whichever attraction method you care to name, then denying there is a problem to angry customers, then increasing data speeds again. This trend tends to run in 3-4 month cycles.

          haha! only 3G? Adelaide is such a bum.

      I was with Vodafail for 2 years on a contract. Eventually, well, actually after 18 months I got so tired of the shoddy service, the failing signal, the poor reception, I got in touch with them and worked out a deal to get out of my contract. I got the ombudsman involved. It was deemed they didn't live up to their end of the contract in providing coverage given I was living in Camp Hill at the time. Since then I've been with Optus. When I ring Optus I get Australian call centers, I get perfect service in all urban areas, if I'm out bush (rarely) I expect it to be a bit less but I'm yet to get a zero signal unless there's absolutely no tower for freakin' ages, then I can understand, but I still get emergency, so that's cool. When my original iphone broke, due to my fault, Optus sent me out a replacement sgs2, as they knew I was upgrading to one, with 3 months to go on my plan for the iphone. When the 3 months ticked over, I got a brand new sgs2 (that was 12 months ago this month). Oh AND last night? Yes, last night. I told them I was surprised I was paying 10 dollars more per month than their current listing for the sgs2 plan. Im on an old version of their plan, turns out I get more value on my plan (100 more worth of calls, 1gb more data) it was my mistake. However, I'm now getting 10 dollars credit on my bill per month for the next 12 months.

      I was continually screwed by Telstra for years, then 3, then Vodafail.

      I seriously cannot fault Optus at all. They've been awesome.

        Yeah, I lived in Bris, when I first got on my vodaphone contract 2 years ago, the internet was really bad, like no reception in the middle of the city, since everyone has kicked up the fuss though, I've got great reception now and I even eventually got a like 40 dollar 10gig a month 3g modem for my pc, I got like 500-800+kb/s at home, was great.

        I never had any problems with the actual phone/txt side of things, but I guess I never really drove out into the middle of nowhere.

        Anyway nowdays, I can't complain, I often get internet reception where the rest of my family on optus don't.

          that's weird, i'm in logan and I get 20mbps+ on the next G with my s3

      I agree with this, my partner uses Optus and its terrible, I'm on Telstra and its good for coverage but data speeds if you're not in a 4G area or out bush typically suck. Mates on Vodafone although the footprint is terrible generally have faster data speeds when we've tested using the Speed Test app.

        wow, really? are you using an 850 MHz compatible handset? Every time I've speedtested a NextG device the speeds have been awesome.

          Yeah I am, in fact I was working for a telco in Murrarie Brisbane, so we have tested multiple devices from the office there, you could even see the telstra tower from the window and with all of them you were flat out getting 1Mbps, from the same office Vodafone ran at about 4-6 and Optus about 0.5. That being said I understand that Brisbane typically sucks for data speeds compared to Sydney and Melbourne. Last time I was in Melbourne I couldn't believe the difference in loading web pages etc.

      I'm far from Telstra's biggest fan but NextG is the best network for coverage by a long shot. In a CBD they're all much of a muchness and any network will have the odd blackspot here and there.

      But it's in the country that Telstra shines. We've done a fair bit of travelling and it's always my antiquated NextG phone that gets signal while the missis's new iPhone (on Vodafone) struggles once beyond suburbia.

      It's funny you say this, because I'm on Vodafone (Outright HTC 7HD) and my Old man is using one of Telstra's own Branded 3G, Next G network. I can stand next to him and he & I have full reception, someone calls his phone and his phone doesn't ring, he just gets an SMS saying someone left a voice mail message. The same person calls me next and my phone rings straight out. The Telstra phone has been sent to telstra several times and returned with "Nothing Wrong.", We work in Malaga & Live in Mirrabooka in Perth, WA, this is a Metro area and yet the phone has sporadic periods that in Malaga he can't get a single bar of Telstra reception yet I get 2 - 3 bars on Vodafone

    I do work all around QLD and have a personal phone with Vodafone and a work mobile with Telstra, so I am always able to directly compare services. The difference is night and day. Simply walking into buildings can render my voda-phone useless, as well as actually making a reliable connection a rarity. Of course, they have improved leaps and bounds since when I was first with them, but I feel I have been spoiled being able to see what a mobile service SHOULD be like constantly. Admittedly, Optus are no better and often far worse.

    At the end of the day, if you want fast, reliable 3G connections, pay for Telstra. Otherwise, don't bitch about your budget plan delivering a budget service.

      I agree, but there should be a minimum base standard for a budget service. If you're compromising in service in order to pay less there should be a specific, stated sacrifice. Eg, "You pay less because there is no 4G, and less handsets to choose from", as opposed to "you pay less because your calls drop out in a large populated area"

        But sockparty, although it's not not specifically stated we all are perfectly aware of the sacrifice - with any carrier other than Telstra "you DO pay less because your calls drop out in a large populated area". Don't whinge about it, either accept it or pay for a premium service. It's like complaining about the extra leg room and comfort business class passengers get on a flight while ignoring that their tickets cost more than twice as much as an economy passenger.h

          I'm not complaining about it I'm making a suggestion (ie "there should be...). Perhaps this needs some sort of regulation from the government or TIO where there are reasonably enforceable standards.

          I don't whinge about it, I just choose services based on what I consider to be a reasonable compromise; thus why I'm with Virgin (Optus network) rather than Vodafone.

          But regardless, just because "everyone knows" (a highly specious logical fallacy at the best of times) doesn't mean that it's acceptable.

    Well said.
    I was with Vodafone, my contract finished and moved on. I made the foolish mistake of going to Telstra and felt voilated from day 1. I was over charged for all bar 2 months and my coverage in an "excellent" coverage area was was worse that Voda.
    I made the switch back to Voda and to be honest, it was the best move I have made.
    Coverage has improved over the last 12 months and data speeds are pretty good as well.
    I agree and think it's time for people to give it a rest.
    Ok you had a bad experience, get over it. I'd say that 95% of people that are crying foul are no longer with Vodafone anyway. Time for everyone to grow up.

    Vodafone has uped their game a lot in the past few months. Where I was getting 1 bar of 3G coverage, now it's full bars. Still having some call drops but it's a lot better than it was.

    Before Vodafone, I was with Optus for 2 years, that was much much worse. It still is in our area, you either dont get signal at all or might get 1-2 bars if you're lucky.

    Vote with your feet people. If it's crap, go elsewhere. Vodafone will get the message and alter their business plan or die. It's that simple.

    Why sue them into oblivion? It's unnecessary. Let the market decide.

    The Issue here is not coverage anymore, but competitiveness, why should I pay more ?
    I pay $11 for Vaya month-to-month, get $500 Calls,TxT + $550 Vaya-to-Vaya + 1.5GB(Which I can easily reach...) + Free Social Networks, all for $11, now show me 1 plan of Voda that comes close, without a contract, and I'LL CHANGE OVER !

      Vaya is an MVNO. Different market. Actual comparison for Vaya would be Amaysim (optus), redbull mobile (Voda), Kogan (telstra wholesale). Of which the latter two offer unlimited plans at around $25/month including 4.5gigs of data.

        Sunny, I don't know if you read my post, but my MAIN point still stands, where is their competitive pricing ?, have you compared their post-paid plans ?, 200MB of data for $30/mth ? BS..., can't even consider their Prepaid plans over Telstra or Optus. Just wonder what 4G data plans would be..., facts will remain facts no matter how much you evade my point..., fact is they are NOT competitive in the market, the other fact is they drove a stake into their own hearts, while all along they knew their network was dated and suffering, bandwidth was bottle-necking, I feel they got what they deserve. All I hope/want is for them to come up with some competitive pricing and people will hop on, for me money talks, coverage was not an issue for me with my 3yr stay with them...

          I pay $65 a month on Telstra with a free flagship phone, and with my high speed 4G, rural coverage, no call dropouts (unless on the phone to Optus customers funnily enough) you couldn't PAY me to use an awful resellers neutered network for $11 a month.

            I'll take your opinion of Vaya as a generalization that Optus is congested, but I can promise you one thing from my 8 months of being with them, their coverage is much better than my $29 Voda plan, and so are the speeds and quotas. You prefer Telstra possibly due to your usage trends or rural travels, as for me this fits the bill well, I'd suggest trying it before assuming its aweful. My comparison was between Voda and an Optus reseller aimed at usage within my area and places I visit, I've tested both networks even Voda's new 850Mhz, I can hit a max of 2-3Mbps, while with Vaya I can hit an average speed of 5-6+Mbps regularly, this is YouTube and most streaming content, and I tested this on 3 different handsets, a Symbian, Android and iOS, all provided similar results. All in all I can conclude with evidence that Vaya is fantastic ! MVNO or not, the price and value is fantastic ! You'd have to hold a gun to my head before I'd go back to paying off a dated flagship phone within the next 2years, on a horriblly expensive plan ! LOL

          as dknigs said, there are many reasons why making a direct comparison between the major carriers and MVNOs isn't valid, but I think the main one is probably the fact you get a "free" (subsidised) phone with your contract with a major carrier. This is a big point for many people who aren't prepared to drop ~$600 on a top-of-the-line phone. I say this as someone who's switched from Vodafone to Kogan.

            Let me reiterate my point, its about the Price, Quota, Speed & Coverage (i.e Value). If you want a BYO plan or one with a flagship phone its your choice; you are free to choose value that suits your needs. But, I'd rather you choose a fit network and balanced quotas at a fantastic price, than hurriedly grabbing the phone of your dreams and then feeling the pinch on your committed plan.

      The issue is definitely coverage for me.. I'm at the point now where I don't mind paying more for better coverage.. I could go on and on about the lack of coverage I get from Vodafone.. but it's a personal experience and not the same for everyone. Suffice it to say that when my contract is nearly up this year in August, I will give the network a really good test for a month and if it's still as bad as it was last year and the year before when I was wanting to use it (now I simply don't bother even trying).. I will switch to Telstra.

    I've been with Vodafone for many years, without a major problem. I've taken advantage of their loyalty deals several times and felt it was value for money compared to others. Any time I've had a minor query, it's been dealt with in a helpful manner. I agree, we need the market to be competitive - (look what the duopoly is doing to supermarkets)

      Loyalty deals? How did one access those? I was with them from 1996 right through until 2012. This is the first I've heard of any such thing, and they really didn't seem to give a stuff when I reported bad service to them, nor when I suggested I might take my long-serving business elsewhere.

    I'm not sure what this article is telling us to do? You say we shouldn't bash Vodafone anymore, but you don't say why not? The network is terrible and they haven't improved. Why on earth would people stop kicking them when they've done nothing to stop deserving it?

    So, Vodafone's losing customers, money and shareholders? What have they changed to remedy this? People are voting their their dollars. I don't understand why anyone would choose to join a company who doesn't seem interested in providing a superior service who will end up suffering by losing their ability to communicate wherever they are. In this country, it's pretty standard to have access to a telecommunications network in the vast majority of places. If Vodafone can't provide this, they should probably give up.

    Telecommunications is a commercial industry, not a charity. Vodafone: grow up or give up.

    I'm on Telstra, my boyfriend is with Vodafone. In many parts of the Sydney CBD, I will have at least 3 bars while his has absolutely zero coverage. His phone is rendered completely useless. We both use iPhone 4s. His 3G coverage is laughable where he can't even send and receive imessages without network interruptions causing them to fail.

    Going from the outside to the inside of my house, only 3km from the CBD will cause his phone to lose all reception while mine remains on full bars. I just don't understand why we should stop bashing them. If you could clarify, it'd be great.

      What have they done? Did you not read the article? They're investing $2.5 billion dollars bringing the network up to scratch. If you think mobile network coverage is something that can be remedied overnight, then you're clearly misdirected.

      No doubt they've spent money, but it's going to take a while before you'll start getting good connectivity. I am a Vodafone customer, and up till now I was very happy with their service, no issues at all in terms of coverage etc.

      It's only when I moved to my new place, my calls keep dropping out. I let Vodafone know about this and they've actually gone ahead and told me they're sending someone out to fix the towers in my area. I get periodic updates on their progress with my complaint and it seems as though they are following it up quite well.

      Reading from all the different comments, I have never ever had an issue with billing, over charging or anything. They've been completely pleasant during all my dealings with them.

        Even though they have spent 2.5 billion in improving it all i can say is that it hasnt improved in my area. Worst thing is they claim that im in a strong signal area and yet i can't make calls due to lack of signal strength. tested on s3, one x and a few of my older phones. also roomies have iphones etc and definately no improvement in the area.

    But they're not getting better, Luke. I held on with them until December, but I couldn't take it any more. Crappy reception, frequent very crappy customer service (for every genuinely good contact with them, I'd have one crappy call, one harassing up-sell cold call, and one call to resolve a billing issue - per month!), and clumsy, inflexible plans and offers. And you pay a premium for that incompetence.

    They're not competitive and they're not competent. Their so-called improvements are a day late and a buck short. I agree that a mobile telco duopoly is bad, but so is a ham-fisted attempt at being the 3rd player. What Vodafone needs to do is offer something that genuinely entices customers to sign-up. A PR campaign based on not being as crap as they have been just won't cut it.

    You're right - it isn't fun to keep kicking Vodafone. But it is deserved. They're not being bullied - they're being called out. If they want us to stop, then it's time to give us a reason.

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    It is a lot of fun to kick a Telco :)
    Vodafone was not delivering services, as promised, for years. We were paying good money for a substandard service. I want partial refund, why not?
    Luke, business practices, like this should not be encouraged. Ever!

    I used to be a Voda customer. They made tonnes of promises and for me they failed to live up to most of them but they still kept taking my money - I was under contract. I was stuck with poor coverage, dropped calls, poor reception and poor customer support. They deserve to get kicked.

    Used to be that Vodafone was the cheapest. You got what you pay for, My current contract has 5.5Gb of data plus $500 calls and text all for $69 a month. Now $70 a month will get me just 2.75Gb of Data and $500 calls. The service may now be better but they have lost their cheap appeal. My contract is up next month, and I'm not 100% sure on what to do.

      May I direct you to Amaysim? Pros: $40/month; unlimited calls; unlimited texts; 4gb data. Cons: Optus network, on which I for one haven't had a problem with since moving to them in the last six months (Melbourne fringes); BYO handset.

      Ninja edit: forgot to mention byo handset

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        ^ Or not....

        Kogan 30 day pre-paid - $29/month; Unlimited Calls + SMS/MMS; 6GB data - all on the TELSTRA network, get on it....

        oh and yes BYO handset.

      kogan unlimited on the testra network for $30 / month prepaid. BOOM!

    I find it very hard to feel pity for a major corporation that knowingly and willingly oversold it's service, the fact that most users don't notice they are being ripped ff is not really the point is it?

    Even after it was clear they had 'made a mistake' (which is the complete opposite of what actually happened) they continued to punish paying customers by CONTINUING to oversell their service to drive more profits.

    If what happened was a mistake / accident then they are grossly incompetent, but I don't think anybody really believes that was the case.

    Either way customers should not be paying for it and a class action is the least of what should be happening.

    With mobile penetration in excess of 120% there's effectively no new customers left for carriers to chase with competitive pricing. We have already seen handset subsides and included value reduce. In terms of competition there is plenty of new and fresh competition coming from the likes of Telstra Wholesale MVNOs, e.g. Kogan Mobile. For most Optus and Vodafone 3G customers their throttled Telstra 3G experience will still be better than anything they've experience before. Let Vodafail burn I say!

    I've been with VF for approx 6 years and am more than happy with their network and was always defending them when people were leaving in droves however now that my contract is almost up I will be leaving VF for one of the smaller telcos using VF's network because VF refuses to budge on the miserly data allowance included in their caps. I've been a good customer, always paying bills on time, etc and in return for loyalty VF give nothing.

    I was with three until they got migrated to Vodaphone a couple of years ago and thats when things went bad. i actually had respect for Vodaphone when things went sour, they were thoughtful enough to send me a letter in the mail and let me know that THEY, first and foremost new they had screwed the pooch (as mentioned above in the article) and proceeded to inform me of how they were fixing their problem. i dont have any issues with coverage at all here in Adelaide and i recently took my first trip out to the eyre peninsula where i only lost coverage after leaving Whyalla heading west - which i was actually impressed with knowing full well they dont have the coverage that telstra does - AND im currently with Red Bull Mobile who piggy back of Vodaphone. i say good on them and all the best for their future endeavors. im sick of Telstra's SH*T customer service and will never willingly use them as a provider for anything unless its a last resort.

    This is the most sensible article I have seen in regards to Vodafone. Comments such as "I'll stop kicking Vodafone when they stop being shit." in my view are very narrow minded and immature. If you don’t like a company’s product or service, stop using them! In my view none of the mobile networks are perfect and all have issues. Coverage differs in different areas, price and support also vary and it is always going to be a compromise, even down to the handset you choose to use. Looking at the bigger picture, the fact is that life is a compromise. Whether it be the relationship we’re in, the job we do, and any other goods and services that we buy. My advice - If you don’t like a product or service, move on and get over it!

    Vodafone were total rubbish, like many others I left them and went to Telstra. Guess what? Telstra are now rubbish! They obviously can't cope with all the Voda (and Optus) refugees as now I get almost as bad service (no connection in a strong signal area/dropouts etc) as I did when I was with Voda.
    Seriously considering going back to Voda now, hopefully they have improved after 3yrs

      I highly recommend to not return to Vodafone. Even Optus would blow them away.

      Trust me, I left Vodafone after 3 years and am now with Telstra. I live in Melbourne. I did not realise how incredibly inferior Vodafone were until mates had coverage and could look things up on their phones when I had nothing (data or voice). I do not think this is jumping on a band wagon. Vodafone should not be permitted to practice business as it stands. They should at least have to modify their marketing to say that you can have nn MB a month in those cases when you can get coverage.
      Now that I am with Telstra I can see actually using 1 GB a month because I have access to a reliable data network.

    I've been with all three major telco's over the year, but have been a Vodafone customer since late 2009, so I was with them throughout the whole 'vodafail' fiasco of 2010/2011. I had one weekend where I was without coverage the entire time. I contacted them and was given more than enough compensation (3 months free access and a promise of no contract cancellation fees if I was not happy after that).

    Thing is, Vodafone are, at least in all areas I've been to, at least comparable to Telstra/Optus, sometimes better. I get great value on my plans and their customer service is leaps and bounds ahead of the other two. I left Optus over 3 years ago when they rorted me with a few hidden charges and I haven't looked back.

    Living in the Sydney city, Vodafone is fine and usable by all means. I have no issues now.
    A few months ago I did, and was told they are fixing the networks. They werent lying, and I am happy about that service!

    How much did you get paid for that Hopewell??

    Everyone should jump on the "Class Action Flawsuit"
    They have a whole ONE person signed up so far.

    Have said it before.
    Been with Voda for over 10 years and never had any issues.
    Been on their 3G for for about two years.. Still no complaints from my end.
    I think people (trolls??) just like to be on the wagon that has the band.

    People will always jump on the bandwagon it's in the human nature.

    People are sheep (looks behind nervously) there is no better way to put it, the most common hate bandwagon are Apple and Nickelback (for some reason), which raise the question do people legitimately hate them or are they jumping on the hate bandwagon just because "everyone else is doing it"?

      Except even Chad Kroeger came out and admitted Nickelbacks original stuff was crap. They'd use bad takes, rushed recordings and subpar songs. However, to be honest, their newer stuff IS pretty decent in comparison. Original Nickelback? Nothankyousir. Recent Nickelback? Not too bad.

      People don't like Apple because their products are typically overpriced for what they are. The profit margins on an iPhone are gigantic.

      People don't like Nickelback because (IMO, and many others) their songs are formulaic, unoriginal and uninspiring.

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