Netflix To Produce Exclusive Dreamworks 3D Animation Series

Following the success of David Fincher's House of Cards, Netflix is going to produce a new series, this time teaming up with Dreamworks Animation SKG. The series will be based in Dreamworks' upcoming animation movie Turbo, the story of a snail that gains speed superpowers.

You know, for kids.

It's just a shame that us Aussies will probably never see it. [AP]


    Sign up to unblock-us for $5 a month. Then is up to netflix for $8 a month, or even cheaper of you buy a 12 month gift card on eBay. Your all good to go. I pay a total of around $20AUD a month for netflix and Hulu plus access. Couldn't be happier. If it wasn't for sport I'd cancel my foxtel subscription now. All I'm missing is a way to access HBO go. Need to find a US friend willing to accept some cash to use their login.

    Ah Hola, how much I love you for allowing me to use Netflix within Australia.

    Ah Netflix. Best $7 a month I ever spent.

    It’s just a shame that us Aussies will probably never see it.

    haha, you never heard of the internet? i heard its big these days.

    In all seriousness, Pixar has a lot riding on Turbo imo, Their last two movies haven't had that Pixar magic, if this one doesn't either then maybe have lost it :(

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