NASA Releases Its First Video Of Giant Asteroid DA14

Remember giant asteroid DA14 that buzzed our planet last week? It made for some pretty spectacular viewing. Now NASA is getting in on the video fun by releasing its observations of the space rock as seen by the Goldstone deep space telescopes.

Sure, it looks like an 8-bit loading screen, but what you have to remember is that every pixel of that grainy image represents four metres of space rock. All in all, you're watching a 45-metre rock zoom by the Earth.

If DA14 had actually hit the Earth, that pixellated hunk of rock would have levelled cities. [io9]


    So they are using 1950's technology to capture the image?

      No they are using 2012 tech designed to image things no closer than Jupiter and able to image things billions of light years away, to view something inside the orbit of the moon.

      Its technology being asked to do things it was never designed to do. Its like watching a football game through a microscope and complaining that you can't see it properly.

        Or maybe it's just 27,000km distant.

        Remember, this like looking at something the size of a flea - from over a kilometer away.

          No its got nothing to do with it. We can resolve the moon to a much higher resolution and its 300,000 KM away. The telescope these images were taken with would give the same result if they were focused on the moon. They are just not designed to focus on something as close as the this.

    I love it that there is a 720p version of the youtube video just so you can view those massive pixels in HD! Wow! Worth it!

    I just read a funny book about an asteroid heading toward earth and how people deal with it, it's called THE MYOSHI EFFECT. Reminded me of what just happened.

    couldn't they just re task 1 of like a billion satellites orbiting the earth. the stereo ahead/behind the sun ones would have been ideal

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