New iPhone Apps: Mr. T, Thirst, And More

News. Weather. Mr. T-themed everything. There's a slight chance those are your priorities in life, so we're speaking to you with this round of iPhone apps of the week.

Thirst: Interested in following a particular news story, for example the Lord of the Flies stranded Carnival cruise? You can select different topics you want to stay on top of, and Thirst will deliver you relevant stories. Then you can discuss them with other people directly within the app. Free

Haze: The Weather Channel's app covers the basics, but it's not much to look at. Haze shows you the forecast in beautiful gradient illustrations. $0.99

Mr. T: Mr. T took like five apps and put them into one, sucker. Make yourself look like Mr. T in the photobooth, wake yourself up in the morning with a Mr. T alarm clock, ask all your burning questions of the Mr. T 8 ball, and more. $0.99

Rock Runners: This new running game is super well-styled, and very fun to play. You have to jump over obstacles, collect gems, and unlock power-ups on each planet in order to get to the next level. $US1

Qwiki: So you want to make a video about your vacation to San Diego, but you're a lazy bum. No problem. Quiki takes your photos and videos, selects the best ones, and with a couple of clicks makes them into beautiful short movies. Free

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