Motorola Job Listing Hints At Moto-Google X-Phone

Motorola Job Listing Hints At Moto-Google X-Phone

It looks like Motorola is finally about to prove its worth to Google, with the existence of the previously rumoured Android “X-Phone” confirmed by a job listing. Motorola’s hiring someone to manage this “Next Generation Smartphone Platform”.

The job ad, which appeared on social site LinkedIn, is full of stacks of the usual meaningless puffery, so it doesn’t actually go into any specifics regarding new hardware or versions of Android. It’s a pretty generic example of a team leader job description, and the ad has has now been pulled.

What the ad does hopefully hint at is a future in which Motorola is allowed full access to Google’s code, resulting in more unskinned Android models that run the “vanilla” versions of the mobile OS. Motorola’s always been good at making the hardware, but its software customisations have often left a bit to be desired. [Phandroid via Techradar]


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