Magnetic Case Keeps Your Knives Safe And Sharp

Knifes: they will cut you. Not out of hostility or resentment, but because they're knives, dummy. Magmate's Magnetic Blade Guards will protect your precious fingers and keep your knives sharp at the same time.

The PVC sheaths won't save you from cuts you might sustain during some clumsy chopping, but you sure won't reach into the drawer and get a hand full of blade. The guards come in two sizes, a smaller one for $US20 and a larger for $US25. They're brightly coloured and happy, and when you're done with your mincing, you snap them securely over your knives. [MoMA Store]


    I thought a good quality stainless was non magnetic.

      its still steel. which is made with iron which makes it ferrous and magnetic.

        Then why is 304 and 316 stainless non magnetic?

          Because of the microstructure of the metal. It is ferrous, but it is non-magnetic.
          To the OP, it depends how you define "good quality stainless". 304 is poor-man's stainless steel. It's one of the cheapest to produce, next to grades like 3Cr12 and 5Cr12. Most cutlery is made from predominantly grade 440 A, B, or C, not 316 as most of the Austenitic grades don't really hold an edge that well. 17-4 PH is probably one of the ultimate stainless steels, but very expensive to work with as all it's properties and machinability revolve around heat treatment procedures.

      It does stick to the knife. Both sides of the case are magnetic, as can be seen it the picture, and it sticks to itself. I've had a couple of these for years now and they are very handy.

    isnt all steel ferrous?

      Yes, ferrous essentially means containing Ferrite, or Iron.
      But not all Ferrous metals are Steel.

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