Lego Transforms This Studded Mug Into Whatever You Can Imagine

Thanks to the geniuses at ThinkGeek, your coffee isn't the only thing you can completely fix to your liking in the morning. The store's new 12-ounce Build-On Brick mug is covered in studs and detents so you can accessorise and customise it with your favourite building toy — which of course always means Lego.

But the mug isn't just limited to playing nice with your Danish plastic bricks. It's also compatible with PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, K'Nex and other Lego alternatives that kids are disappointingly gifted by their confused great aunts on their birthday. It's also just $US20, but if you're like us you've probably already completed your order before even glancing at the actual price tag.


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