Keyboard Wine Stoppers: Wine Nerdery Sans Pretention

You love wine and you love nerdy things. Here's the perfect intersection of the two -- keyboard bottle tops.

Adorable, right? They're $US11, and they'll help you fly your boozy, geeky flag while also practicing conversation, a rather noble calling. And an appreciation for oenology is already nerdy as it is, so this takes the pretention out of it. [Mustard]


    "fly your boozy, geeky flag..."? There's more geek than booze involved if a stopper is required in the first place. Hard drinkers eh?

    There's no save key on my keyboard. This isn't geek!

    If you clicked to the website you would have read the part where they say "to keep everything nice and fresh until you fancy another glass. Which is why we marked it ‘Save’ rather than ‘Escape’ or ‘End."

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