Jony Ive Chats Lunchbox Design On Kids' TV Show

Jony Ive is the guy who probably designed the computer you're reading this on. And here he is on Blue Peter, a beloved British children's TV show, talking lunchbox redesigns. Awwwww.

Three delightful kids presented Ive with their own original designs for a new lunch container -- which Ive says you shouldn't actually call a box at all, because that name puts some limitations on the thing. The moment is adorable.

Jony Ive watched the show as a kid, and the clip reminds you that he's an actual person and a father, and not just an Apple robot who thinks up smartphone designs. And all the while it reinforces the maxim that good design is very simple. [Quartz]


    "Jony Ive is the guy who probably designed the computer you’re reading this on."


    Majority of the world doesn't have Macs.

      The 'statistics' as typically presented are skewed. Apple has a relatively minor net market share, compared to windows based computers - however those figures invariably include enterprise and educational PC installations.

      Apple has a comparatively higher personal computer installation base than the figures ever give credit to. So if you're reading this at home and not wasting your employers time, there is a reasonable chance you're reading it on an Apple product.

      All that crap aside - Johnny Ive seems like a really nice dude.

        He seems very burly- probably one of those US professional execs that spends a massive chunk of his free time in the gym. It's a strange phenomenon, it's like they're breeding a bunch of showpony he-men over there.

          He's from England

            Obviously, but he's a US executive. That's where he works, it's the the culture he's immersed in.

        Really? I find him to be a pretentious douchebag in most videos I've seen him in.

      Yes, it's a stupid thing to write. Logically it incorrect since "probably" suggests a higher than average probability. Its probable and it is possible a person reading this is using a Mac, but it is more probable that they are not, therefore "probably" is wrong.

        There is also the millions of iOS devices - iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch - we're not just talking about Macs here. I often read blogs and news on my iPad.

        And anyway - probable would apply to any likelihood above 50.01%

        Last edited 22/02/13 1:05 pm

          I'd think that "probable" would apply to any amount above 0, but semantically "probably" tends to mean anything above 50%- something more likely than not to be the case, which isn't the case here.
          Now I'm sounding like a massive wanker of black hole proportions :(

            Heh. Probable can't possibly mean just anything above 0%.

            The chance of me winning the lottery is 1 in 42 million or so, so it's above 0%, but it sure as hell isn't probable :)

            Last edited 23/02/13 11:55 am

              With any chance above 0% a probability exists for that event.

                Yes, by definition that is the case. That does not by any stretch mean that the event is probable.

                Oxford dictionary:

                [often with clause]
                likely to happen or be the case:
                it is probable that the economic situation will deteriorate further
                the probable consequences of his action

    I love the political corrrectness. 3 designers: one from a minority, one from the muddle class, and an upper class one (and everyone gets a present for appearing on the show.)

      That just shows that they know their audience demographic pretty well. The "present for appearing on the show", a Blue Peter badge, has been pretty much the standard gift for everyone who writes in since the programme started in the '50s. It's quite a status symbol, unlike that other kids' TV memento - a Jim'll Fix It badge, that'll just get you an offer of counselling and a brief chat with the police these days.

        I have a Blue Peter badge, I once used it to get a discounted entry into an otter sanctuary and impressed a girl with it.
        Those were separate events.

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