Japan Has Found An Amazing New Way To Demolish Buildings

Demolishing a building is insanely cool to watch, but unfortunately, it's also fairly disruptive. Giant clouds of dust plume about the city for days and rubble needs to be moved out. Noise pollution is also an issue. In the crowded cities of Japan, however, one demolition firm has come up with an incredible way to demolish a building that needs to be seen to be believed.

Rather than rigging a skyscraper to blow, what this demolition firm is doing involves gutting the building of each of its floors, walls and infrastructure. Meanwhile, the crews hook building's upper floors to a rig that will lower it as the gutting work continues on the floors below.

The building is hollowed out and lowered until one day it just disappears from the skyline altogether. No fuss, no mess.


    Looks like a colleague beat you to it a month ago, and she even included some nifty statistics...


      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing..! :)

      I missed it the first time, so am glad for the repost!

    Seriously doubt anyone in Australia would have the patience or money for this though. Cheaper is always better according to most Australian contractors.

      And when was the last time you saw a building being blown up in Australia? ...there was that cement tower... But most of the time buildings are torn down, slowly.

        You've never heard of the Dean brothers in Brisbane hey? lol

      ...and don't forget, all care but no responsibility!

      I disagree. I think the opportunity for increased, or at least more organised, salvage could make this a very viable option.

        Indeed, if they can harvest and reuse resources from buildings then I can see this as very viable.

      and dont forget we do like destruction! who doesn't like watching something go BOOM! CRASH!

    Says 'OM NOM NOM' all the way to the ground.

    And then, just like that, Command + Conquer's futuristic build/sell system became a reality. =D

    Impressive....But seeing buildings getting blown up is much more fun ;D
    But at least someone has found a new use for all those the PS2/3 controllers...

    Same principle as the 9/11 demolition, just slower and less Hollywood.

      and less plane and firefighters required

      too soon?

    I wonder how the cost compares? A lot more man-hours have to go into deconstruction than implosion, although implosion produces less salvageable scrap.
    So would this method be only somewhat more expensive, a few times the cost, or many many times more?

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