Jack White's Next Record Will Be Printed On The Bones Of Humans Past

Bizarre human being and Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes has the honour of creating the next instalment in Jack White's record label's fantastic Blue Series. The coolest part is that some of the 7-inch, three-song singles are going to be printed on old medical x-rays.

The pairing of song and bone isn't quite as nonsensical as it might seem at first. Andy Cush from Animal notes that during the Cold War, American music fiends would have to smuggle in their beloved contraband back to the USSR, and the records would often be printed onto old X-rays.

These 7-inch (literal) glimpses into the lives of another era have been cleverly dubbed "Flex-Ray Discs", and unsurprisingly there will be a fairly limited number in circulation. Plus, anyone who does hope to get their hands on one should make some Texas travel plans — the records will only be on sale during South by Southwest in Austin. Anyone fine settling for regular old black vinyl can grab one here on February 14.[Vice Motherboard]

Picture: Einestages

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