It's Completely Safe To Crash This Fake RC Blimp In Your Living Room

Taking a few notes from the Hindenburg disaster, China's Amax Toys has created what appears to be a remote control flying zeppelin letting you recreate the glory days air travel. But upon closer examination, it's actually a dual-rotor RC helicopter with a rollcage designed to only look like a blimp.

So not only is there no risk of this ever exploding in your living room, it's actually pretty safe to crash into almost anything since those protected rotors can't cause any damage. And because it uses two blades spinning in opposite directions, there's no need for a tail rotor to keep the as-yet-unpriced blimp from spinning out of control.

With six AA batteries in the controller/charger the craft can fly for about five minutes on a one-hour charge, making it ideal for providing aerial coverage and advertising for very short sporting events.

[Amax Toys via Technabob]

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