I’m A Little Scared Of Kim Dotcom

I’m A Little Scared Of Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom seems like such a jovial fellow. He loves a laugh, digs his Call Of Duty and lives a life that can only be compared realistically to that of Tony Stark. Tonight he sits down for an Australian interview with SBS, and I think we should all be scared for the US Justice Department and Dotcom’s own brand of Jason Bourne-style revenge.

This is a quick teaser clip posted by SBS for the Dateline special tonight where Dotcom talks about taking revenge on those who wrong his Mega empire.

Here’s what the interview will cover tonight:

In between playing Call of Duty, Dotcom spoke to Mark Davis about his childhood, his days as a young hacker, his journey from Germany to New Zealand, about how fatherhood has changed him and even about his own estranged father — and of course about Mega and his fight against the US government.

Check it out tonight at 9:30pm AEDT on SBS ONE.