How Pornography Addiction Works And Affects Your Life

For all the jokes, pornography addiction is a real and actual addiction. Really. Stop laughing. I'm serious. Porn works like any other addictive substance: It re-wires your brain in ways that make you need it, and probably proves harmful to the rest of your life.

Basically, the visual images of pornography associate themselves with the dopamine release you receive from pleasure. And in turn, you become less sensitive to sexual images, meaning it can become harder for you to be turned on by reality. You'll also be compelled to seek out porn more and more often, of course. Like any other addiction, you can shake porn addiction through prolonged avoidance of the material, but you're going to go through withdrawal symptoms along the way. It's a pretty har-- tough. It's a tough one to shake. [YouTube]


    "pornography addiction is a real and actual addiction"
    No, it isn't. You are not addicted to porn, you are just a chronic masturbator. Nor are you addicted to gambling, computer games, the internet, MacDonalds hamburgers or biting your finger nails. Calling a hard to break habit "addiction" is just insulting to people who actually struggle with addiction. Please stop.

      I agree with you 100% but there's still some seriousness to unwanted, extremely hard to control habits and it's hard to create a word for it that doesn't belittle it. Calling it hard to break habit makes it sound harmless like putting your elbows on the dinner table while eating or slouching.

      Addiction is the wrong word, but what's one that carries the correct gravity? A compulsive behaviour doesn't really make it sound like the person has any responsibility for it.

      I'm going to have to disagree with you, and quite strongly at that.

      I'll just assume that you're not a psychologist or anything of the like, and while you may be, I still stand by what I said, though, I'm not a psychologist either, and have a limited understanding of the brain.

      Let's just go over this briefly. People don't just get addicted to something like smoking, it's a process. They have their first cigarette and don't like it, but it's already started (to my knowledge at least). The brain starts producing whichever happy chemicals it does, and so the addiction begins. Soon the actions of smoking, the feelings involved, will become assosciated with those happy chemicals, and so the person will want to smoke just because it makes them feel a little better (and fights off the cravings, which can make them feel bad in the first place)

      As mentioned, there's something quite similar with watching porn, as mentioned in this one line.
      "Basically, the visual images of pornography associate themselves with the dopamine release you receive from pleasure".
      So, you watch it, you go through the efforts of pleasuring yourself, then your mind creates some more happy chemicals. Assosciation created. Then as it becomes a more regular event, the assosciation will get stronger to the point of it becoming an addiction, in which case, the brain knows that activity will make it feel better, so it'll push you to go do it, similar to how it works for smokers, in a way.

      Whilst it may not be as strong of an addiction as smoking, I'd still call it one. Though, there is the fact too that there are bound to be people who have a scarily strong addiction to it, simply due to the way their minds are wired. You're going to get all sorts of people, with a range of addictions and the like.

      I don't smoke and I don't believe I suffer from a pornography addiction, so I'm not overly sure what it's like for them, I can only guess.

        Addiction is more defined by quitting than the actual action of doing. If a habit causes severe trauma when it is stopped, then that is considered an addiction.

        That being said, the word is thrown around a lot, usually be people trying to shirk their personal responsibility, "Oh I'm overweight because i'm addicted to chocolate cake".

    There is actually no such thing as porn addiction, it's just another way to scare people and make them pay good money for treatment that will do nothing. Gizmodo is really going downhill with stories like these, absolutely filled with unresearched bullcrap.

      So if I understand you correctly companies brainwash people into thinking they are addicted when they are not so they can take their money and no one ever did any research on pornography? Not everything is a conspiracy.
      The effects of pornography are not unresearched. And even if there was no research there is always common sense and there are a lot of personal accounts.
      There are organisations and people who are willing to help addicts for free. That alone invalidates your hypothesis, or should I say "unresearched bullcrap".
      The person who told you that porn is not an addiction is either ignorant, in denial or a liar.

    If that youtube video is correct..... I'm stuffed.

    My understanding of addiction is that you suffer withdrawal symptoms if you quit. As someone who is addicted to caffeine, I experience this when I do not get my daily fix. I get headaches, and have mood swings. Another symptom of addiction is that the required dosage to stem the cravings increases over time.
    Neither of these things seem to be associated with watching porn. (so I've been told)
    I would think the term "Habit forming" would be a more appropriate definition.

      You are wrong. Porn is an addiction. Both physically and mentally. I'm addicted and I guarantee you there are withdrawal symptoms every time I try to quit. It has taken over my entire life.
      The required dosage increases over time. I used to watch porn once a month, now I watch several hours a day. Besides from the increasing dosage dosage I crave for variety and more and more extreme content. The person who told you that porn is not an addiction is either ignorant, in denial or a liar. Every addiction deals with bad habits, but not every bad habit is an addiction, so while watching pornography can be a bad habit that doesn't mean it can't also be an addiction.

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