Holden To Add Full Siri Integration Into Barina CDX Hatchback

Stop the clock! Holden is about to cross the line in Australia with the first car in the country to include full Eyes-Free Siri compatibility, by sticking it into the already tech-laden Barina CDX hatchback.

Apple calls it "Eyes-Free Siri", and it works when Apple and car manufacturers like GM -- Holden's parent -- work together to integrate it into the on-board infotainment systems. Plugging your iPhone into the Barina CDX already lets you sync your music and take your phone calls, but now via the MyLink infotainment system, you'll be able to use Siri as you drive.

It's similar to the voice command systems in other cars like Ford's new Ranger, Fiesta and Focus models, but because it's Siri, it'll let you talk directly to the Siri application on the iPhone, meaning you'll be able to get things done on your phone without having to touch the device. Compose text messages, use Maps, get notifications, find your appointments, all that good stuff.

Holden added that, alongside the Barina CDX, more cars would have Eyes-Free Siri in future.

Apple announced Eyes-Free Siri at its most recent Worldwide Developers Conference, and said that it was working with manufacturers like BMW, GM, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota and Honda to integrate Siri into cars.

The Barina CDX is the hatchback Holden builds to attract younger drivers while competing with cars like the gadget-charged Ford Fiesta.

This is a second technology-first for the CDX: when it was announced at the 2013 Sydney Motor Show as the first car in Australia to have Pandora Radio and Stitcher Radio compatibility.



    Didn't expect Holden to jump on board, but well done to them.

    So it only works with iPhones? What about Android and Windows Phones? If true then that is terrible

      Most people who bought an Android did so because they couldn't afford an iPhone, so they're probably not in the market for a car. And a Windows Phone user would probably like a Jaguar or something equally old fashioned and unreliable, so Holden have picked their target market perfectly, just like Nike with their fitness bands, who announced they aren't going to waste any time and money trying to develop and sell to cheapskate Android owners either.

        You must be retarded our just plain stupid. Top of the range phones cost all the same.

        Most people who bought an Android or Windows Phone did so because they can think for themselves.

        That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

    So Holden are marketing their cars exclusively to iPhone owners now?

      How are they marketing their cars exclusively to iPhone owners? All Mercedes and BMW’s have full synchronisation with iPods and iPhones, but that doesn’t mean that the cars are marketed towards Apple product owners.

      If I can safely assume that your comment is in reference to how come this car doesn’t have Android (or other OS) support or why Holden gave Apple preference, it’s simply because iOS’ closed nature makes it much easier for companies to work with. Rather than having to support for hundreds or thousands of different phones running different versions/iterations of Android, iOS has a handful of devices comparatively.

      One of the best advantages of having a closed mobile eco-system, I guess.

    I looked at the number plate... Barina Cox

      It's a "D" ....

        Looks like an O, as I have told all my friends who bought a Cruze Cox lol.

          And with iPhone Siri compatibility, it should be iCox... : )

      Try Barina CDX, the spec level above CD that Holden have used since the AH Astra in 2004.

      Last edited 14/02/13 4:55 pm


        Holden should be more careful with their choice in font. See a lot of Cruze COX around here! haha.

      I must admit the re-sized image for the article did make the 'D' look like an 'O'.

    Hmm so tell me are Mitsubishi manufacturing this new Barina as it looks strikingly simular to the Lancer

      It has been on the raod for more than a year now and it looks absolutely nothing like a Lancer.

        A little bit ?

          Nothing alike! I mean the Lancer has headlight lenses to stop bugs from being mushed into your headlight assembly! Haha

    Actually ond turn off when buying a car for me is all this bluetooth sync and now apple compatability. Its not that im upset that its apple only etc but I dont want to pay extra for features I will never use.

    I could do all those things in my last car - once you connect via Bluetooth you can access the voice control in your phone wihtout the car doing anything specific.

      Yeah but its Apple now! It's special and worth jacking up the price for no apparent reason.

      I'll stick to my 920 and the already integrated voice control..

    I can access Siri through my cruze already, (if you hold the home button it will pick up through Bluetooth) the issue is that the pickup microphones are rubbish and can barely understand me, whereas Siri knows what I'm saying just fine.

    I don't understand this at all.
    Every android "car and voice" app already does this. The iphone probably already does the same thing too.
    You press the phone button and whatever car dock app you use starts listening for voice commands...
    Why is this news and why is it marketable. Every new car with Bluetooth can make the same claim. How is this special?

    Yep, my 2007 Commodore can access Siri when I push the phone button on the wheel. I can call, get the weather, time, and hear it through the car speakers.

    Well that's one more reason not to buy this car.

    Wonder if their going to enable this on the new commodore as well?

    Sorry Holden i was going to buy one of your Barina's but i don't own a iphone

    I'd still prefer Google now, even if it lacks 'humor'. It's far better understanding me than Siri.

    I don't get it. My 2008 Triton activates SIRI when you push the answer button.

    Nothing to see here guys, move along...

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