Griff Tannen's Hoverboard From Back To The Future II Is Being Sold On eBay

First vehicle from the Back to the Future trilogy you'd like to own? Yeah, the DeLorean holds the top spot. But what about second place? The hoverboard of course! But not that kid's one McFly ends up with (and, as it turns out, is junk in real life), the one you want is Griff Tannen's "Pit Bull". Good thing it's up on eBay right now.

There are, of course, a few catches. For one, there's the Buy It Now price of $US12,995, though you're free to make an offer via the auction page. It's also over 20 years old and features "minor dents and paint scratches".

Finally, it doesn't actually hover, but you probably already knew that.

The auction description describes it as a prototype "hero" prop, which means it was built to be seen on screen and not for stunts or special effects (though this particular one apparently never made it in front of the camera). As such, it features a lot of detail, as you can see from the photos here. The board itself is over 90cm in length and is built from metal, wood and resin and, best of all, it comes with a certificate of authenticity (yeah!).

Nearly $US13,000 seems like a lot to ask, even considering its pedigree. That said, I'm sure someone will shell out the dollars for it.

[eBay, via Geekologie]



    Who would want to buy this junk anyway, piece of plastic, Im donating that money to Charity instead!

      KEEP IT


        wait wait wait stop! little girl stop! I need to borrow your.....

        hoverboard? :/

        I love that film

    It is a fake, the props and prototypes, even the ones never made it into recording were real hoverboards, something the director wanted to add realism, that were banned from being sold to the public, watch Bact 2 Future 2 dvd/bluray extras and see.

      Dude ... no ... just, no ...

      Excerpt from Wikipedia:
      "Rumors and urban legends
      Robert Zemeckis said on the film's behind-the-scenes featurette that the hoverboards (flying skateboards) used in the film were real, yet not released to the public due to parental complaints regarding safety.[2] Footage of 'real hoverboards' was also featured in the extras of a DVD release of the trilogy. A number of people thought he was telling the truth and requested them at toy stores. In an interview, Thomas F. Wilson had said one of the most frequent questions he is asked is if hoverboards are real, to which he replies that they were guided by invisible wires, along with being asked if he fell into actual manure (he did not; it was peat moss).[12] After the release of Part III, Zemeckis explained in another interview that all of the flying scenes were accomplished by a variety of special effects techniques."

      Too bad most of the original set was destroyed in a fire. Would have loved to see more BTTF memorabilia out there.

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