Google May Be Building Its Own Chromebook With A Crazy Display

Google May Be Building Its Own Chromebook With A Crazy Display

Google looks to be doing with its Chromebook laptops what it did with tablets and smartphones in the Nexus program: taking it in-house and making it better. That is if a new video purporting to be from Google is to be believed saying the company is making a crazy, high-resolution Chromebook for us all.

It’s supposedly called the Chromebook Pixel, and according to sources it’s going to pack a crazy 2560×1700 screen resolution. That would give it a slightly higher resolution than even the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro from Apple, which currently sits at 2560×1600.

According to a leaked clip, the Chromebook Pixel is touch-enabled and “entirely designed by Google”.

The leak comes out of Android Authority, who snagged the video from the same guy who provided images of Chrome’s reportedly upcoming Notification Center. The clip reportedly got out after a company by the name of got hacked and had data stolen. This is either the most fascinating leak, or the most well-thought out fake ever to surround a Chromebook.


Traditionally, Chromebooks haven’t been available in Australia. Instead Google outsourced their production to third-party hardware makers like HP and Samsung before putting Google’s own Chrome OS onto the unit. Google would usually sell them for cheap, hence the appeal.

Hopefully the Chromebook Pixel is real and it can come Down Under to give us more choice in the sexy screen department. [Android Authority]