Google Finds Most Of The Vulnerabilities In Microsoft's Latest Patch

Microsoft just released a giant "Patch Tuesday" bulletin for the month. Weird thing about this update? More than half of the bugs found in Microsoft products were reported by none other than Google engineers.

It's not unusual for Googlers to uncover security flaws in Word, Office, Internet Explorer and so forth. Mountain View's finest found one in October, November and December, and none in January. And Microsoft gives credit where credit is due. But this time around Google guys discovered 33 out of 57 issues. Mateusz "j00ru" Jurczyk sniffed out 32 of them, five of which Gynvael Coldwind collaborated on. And it was one of the biggest updates ever, closing in on the standing record of 64.

So just why are Google employees looking around Microsoft software? Bugs are probably found because engineers are researching other products, like Google Chrome's PDF viewer. These guys also just might be genuinely interested in finding flaws. But Microsoft would probably like to see some of its own employees addressing the problems. [Microsoft via The Verge]

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    Microsoft, who needs engineers, when google hires them and does their job for you

      Notice how none of those Google engineers actually wrote code

    Google's protecting themselves too. Remember it was Google staff at the (former) Beijing office that used a vulnerable IE and opened the door for Chinese hackers to steal Google secrets.

    Google hackathon was just run in January. Perhaps these flaws were found as a part of that.

    Can someone poke the MS engineers with a broom stick, I think they've nodded off, again.

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