Get In Here And Look At How Pretty Google Glass Is


    Is it ok to have an antenna right next to your head all the time?

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      Only if it's not outputting at an intensity similar to your microwave oven. Most communications devices are much lower powered.

        Exactly. Think of a lower power radiation than a Bluetooth headset.
        There is zero risk of damage at those power levels.

    Could be modified to be fantastic for deaf people.


        It could be modified to auto-caption every conversation. They just need to re-use the youtube technology - because that works so well!

    What's frightening is that governments will be able to see exactly what we're doing in the same way the NSA here in the United States records all our data usage, text messages, emails, phone calls and GPS locations which are all stored in heir massive data centers. This is why we need hackers to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Lets hope someone out there creates a modified version that which encrypts all our usage so that no lingering government agencies can peep hole into our lives.

      If your that paranoid Youcould just not use the technology

        I don't think he is paranoid.
        Type 'illuminati' backwards and put a '.com' on the end.

          Okay he may not be paranoid but still my point about not using the technology is valid.

      Why is this a problem for a law abiding citizen? It seems to me that the only ones with anything to hide are those who are up to no good. I would happily give up 100% of my privacy if it meant an end to crime. The sheer volume of data almost certainly ensures anonymity for the vast majority of us who do the right thing.

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        Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear is the absolute worst straw-man argument and you see it being thrown out every time someone mentions data privacy. Everyone has things they would rather be kept private.

          Why? Explain to me the value of your privacy because I see none at all in mine (and, by extension, yours and everybody else's). Yes, there are some things none of us would want to become public knowledge but that is not what we're talking about here. We're not talking about unfettered access for anyone and everyone who might want it but the ability to access all that info under very specific circumstances, which is something that could have enormous value to society as a whole.

            Motormouth, the argument is that when people become complacent about their rights, that is when they lose them.

            By making the statement that you have nothing to hide and would gladly give up your privacy rights, you are not only showing yourself a great disrespect but you also are setting a precedent to have more rights taken from you in the future in the name of “crime prevention” an example of this would be freedom of movement.

            At the moment you may have no issue with the status quo, but say in the future someone in power does you or the people around you a great injustice. What will you do then? Having given up your rights for privacy, your new enemy now can listen to all your conversations, he/she knows what you have been doing/purchasing, who your friends are, what your hobbies are, where you are going to be and when Etc, Etc. You may then find yourself in a helpless position, unable to make a stand against the oppression, because you have given up your basic rights. This may not happen to you but at the rate people are freely giving these rights away it could easily happen to your children or grandchildren.

            Remember the phrase “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

        Ah the naivity, it's sweet in its own way.

          More like the vanity, to think that anyone would have the slightest interest in anything you've ever done in your life.

        If someone is always watching you, you will be scared to do anything different.

          Different to what? How would that even work? Would half the population be paid to watch the other half? The reality is that the amount of data generated would make it impossible to keep tabs on more than a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. It would not be like having someone looking over your shoulder all the time, it would be more like having every conversation in a crowded food court.

    Can't i just stick it on my own glasses (not that I want the thing)

      That's the thing, I wear glasses already - will they make a fitover version like you see old people wearing?

    In Australia that is.

      Yeah totally. But I reckon unless you are in one of the big cities this thing would be so frustrating for us aussies. hopefully it doesn't need much network speed

    OK, I'll ask-
    Screen resolution? Frames per second? To capture, and to display?
    Range? Bluetooth, or WiFi?
    And the killer: Battery Life?

      battery life should be fine, it's not powering a massive screen

      Answer, in order: Krap. Krap. Both krap.
      Krap. Either/both.
      Who knows but looking at the form factor, you have to think not terribly long. The screen might be small but it will need to be bright to be visible in daylight and it will also have GPS, wi-fi, Bluetooth and phone radios to run and they will either be running all the time to parse voice commands in the cloud or it will need to do a lot of computation to do it in the device.

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    I'm blind in my right eye, hope they make with them with hardware on the left side!

    I really hope they make it ambidextrous. would hate one eye and ear getting blasted with notifications all day

    ...the Chinese were appalled by it they said when they heard about what the Government had done to establish the NBN as a telecom-government monopoly...

    LOL! Why yes, the Chinese are totally committed to a competitive industry; they have three major telecommunications businesses: China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.

    And ALL of them are completely state-owned. Don’t you understand that, Malcolm? You’re basically mocking yourself here...

    i want one linked to a laser sight mounted on a hand gun for HUD target.... or is that just me....

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