Fujifilm Has Developed Speakers You Call Roll Up Like Paper

Fujifilm Has Developed Speakers You Call Roll Up Like Paper
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The gadget world must be suffering from a spate of body image problems — thin phones, thin batteries, thin fans and now… thin speakers? I don’t mean those fancy tall, skinny ones you see these days, no, it’s Fujifilm’s “Beat” speakers that you can roll up like a sheet of paper.

Announced at Japan’s nano tech 2013 expo, the Beat speakers are essentially a bendable diaphragm constructed of a material that mixes a “visco-elastic polymer” with “piezoelectric ceramics”. according to Tech-On, this material solidifies when exposed to a specific frequency range, 20Hz to 20kHz.

Fujifilm showed off a model that retracts into a canister (image above), as well as one that resembles a traditional Japanese folding fan (visible in the background).

Tech-On doesn’t mention pricing, availability, or indeed, the quality of the sound, but if we’ll be able to roll up our phones and displays in the future, heck, why not speakers too?


Image: Tech-On