Deal With Online Dating Creeps With Horse_Ebook Tweets

If you're a female with a pulse and a profile on OKCupid, you've gotten a molesty message or two. Maybe you ignore. Maybe you say you're not interested. Here's a better tactic: just respond with non-sequitur spam-sounding tweets from @Horse_ebooks.

Believe it or not, some very earnest dudes actually think this constitutes flirting, as documented many times in the genius Tumblr, Okebooks:

Here's one example from OKebooks of guy who's utterly relentless:

All these masterful OKebooks trolls are just great. Due in part to the fact that these OKCupid scum are so clueless and so persistent, they just don't get it's a joke. Their loss is our gain, because it's hilarious for the rest of us. [OKebooks]

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