Best Dad Ever Illustrates His Kids' Lunch Bags Every School Day

David Laferriere is a graphic designer and illustrator. He's also an awesome dad who has been drawing stuff on his kids' sandwich bags since May 2008, using Sharpie markers. In his own words:

Each drawing is done just after I make the sandwich. I take a picture and post to flickr. My kids don't see the drawing until it is lunchtime.

The challenges are coming up with an idea and then drawing quickly and directly on the bag, every line counts.

Indeed it does. Your kids must feel the same: every drawing counts. [Flickr via Rebecca Roth]


    This is just brilliant. I can assure you, it's something that one day, his child will pass down lovingly in story to his own children about his father :)

    I did this for about 6 months myself on my brother's snack bars untill he stopped taking them to school. He would show his friends and his teacher. Thinking of a new thing every day since 2008? That's commitment!

    Although this is very cool it's quite a waste of reusable lunch bags that are designed to last much longer than one day.

      And think of all the sharpie ink wasted on this pointless endeavour.

      Although your comment is very cool it's quite a waste of air that is designed to last you all day under your bridge.

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