Become A DJ At Any Moment With This Svelt Splitter

The boyscouts pretty much nailed it when they coined the motto "Be Prepared to DJ." And Swedish headphone manufacturer Urbanears wants to make that possible with Slussen, an audio jack splitter and app combo.

The setup includes a narrow profile splitter for simultaneously connecting headphones and a sound system to your iOS device, plus an app for the actual beat dropping. Urbanears seems to have its heart set on people specifically using Slussen at after-parties, you know because it's "the most powerful after-party weapon known to man" and all. But you could easily use it in your car or with a portable speaker.

The splitter costs $US15 (though the red one is $US20 for some reason), comes in four colours and can hang on a keychain. Meanwhile, the Slussen app has standard effects like BPM control, equaliser, scratching and crossfade, plus it allows pre-listening. And best of all it's free so you can use the app with any splitter you already own. [Urbanears via Werd]



    I assume the hardware splits the left channel into one output and the right into the other, creating two mono sources from left/right. The software looks like a total rip-off of the Pacemaker app for Playbook (the reason I bought one). It seems to have pretty much identical features and the layout is very similar, too. It's possible the Pacemaker guy has made it, as he's Swedish, too, although he said the reason he made Pacemaker for Playbook was that it was the only OS that had acceptable latency for scratching.

      Could be a frequency shift and filter... If it is mono then it would be pretty crappy.

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