Anonymous Just Hacked The ABC Over A Lateline Interview

Anonymous Just Hacked The ABC Over A Lateline Interview

The hacktivists are at it again, this time causing trouble for Australia’s national broadcaster. The usernames and passwords of what appears to be all the ABC’s registered forum users were just posted online after a controversial interview that Anonymous says was anti-Islam.

Under the banner of Anonymous, a hacker going by the name of Phr0zenMyst launched #OpWilders, which is a response to a Lateline interview last week with Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician who is vocally anti-immigration and anti-Islam.

The hackers got mad with Lateline‘s coverage and decided to take it out on the ABC by hacking its subdomain and posting moderator and user details.

A Pastebin post linking to the freshly posted details reads:

Australia’s ABC subdomain hacked for giving Geert Wilders a platform to voice anti-Islam anti-Muslim hatred. #OpWilders

ABC Radio 774 Melbourne sent out a tweet — first spotted by TechGeek — that says ABC Corporate couldn’t confirm the legitimacy of the leak, adding that IT is investigating the alleged breach.

We’ve only scanned the leaked information so far, but from the looks of things it includes everything from email addresses, usernames and passwords and even suburbs and postcodes of where relevant users live.

We’ll update you if we hear more. [OpWilders]