An Art Deco PC Case: Brilliant Or Repellant?

Here's one piece of technological design that's bound to divide opinoon. Jeffrey Stephenson's Project Ayr is a fanless home theatre PC encased in an art-deco style Mahogany shell. But would you let it inside your home?

Inside the wooden case — which itself houses an aluminium frame — there's an Intel Core i3-3225 processor, 8GB RAM, an Intel Cherryville SSD, 150W Pico PSU and Silverstone HE02 passive heatsink. Of course, it's a custom build so you won't be able to buy one — but would you want to anyway? [Jeffery Stephenson via Engadget]


    It looks as brilliant or repellant as it did hours ago when Gizmondo first wrote about it,,, (

    Do you guys read the site you post on...?

      The lack of response is our answer...

    First saw it here:

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