Aldi Mobile: Pricing Revealed

Aldi Mobile: Pricing Revealed

EFTM has done a bang-up job uncovering what looks to be the pricing schedule for Aldi’s upcoming mobile phone service, and right now it looks like it caters to both low and extreme mobile users. Check out the pricing in here.

According to information gleaned by EFTM the AldiMobile service will be pre-paid with four tiers starting at $15 and ranging right up to $35.

The $15 tier lasts for 365 days before expiring, and gets you 12 cent calls to national fixed lines, mobiles, 1300 numbers and voicemail retrieval. The mid-tier $30 service also has a 12-month expiry and the same 12 cent calling fees. Neither plan includes data, instead it’s 5 cents per MB charged on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The $35 plan represents some of the best value: it only has a 30-day expiry but each recharge gets you unlimited calls, texts and MMS and 4GB worth of data. Not bad.

EFTM also claims that AldiMobile, like Kogan Mobile, will be an MVNO for Telstra.

The service will be launching next Wednesday morning. [EFTM]