Adorable Toilet Paper Tree Lets You Proudly Display Your Extra Rolls

Why hide your toilet paper stock in a cabinet that guests will just have to hunt through when they run out? This stylish laquered steel tree can be mounted to the wall near your loo where it will store up to 14 extra rolls in plain sight, without looking like an eyesore.

It also makes it easy to tell when you're running low, and can be yours in grey, white, and green for — wait, what? $180?! OK, under the sink they go. [Siton Design via Design Rulz]


    Quirky! I want one!

    Where can I buy coloured toilet paper rolls like that? I could make the tree seasonal... green in spring, brown in autumn.

    But then, In winter, I guess there'd be no bog paper ;-)

      I can think of one simple way to get brown loo paper. You way not want to hang it up afterwards though.

    Going to be a nightmare to clean behind those gaps. In toilets we want smooth and round surface for easy to clean

    You can properly make one yourself for half the cost using ply wood and stencil out the shape and paint it with your fav colour.

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