19 Adorable Animals Using Technology Adorably

19 Adorable Animals Using Technology Adorably

Some say that pets start to take after their owners, but to what extent? Will Socks start bogarting the remote? Are you going to have to pry the iPad out of Buster’s paws? Actually, um, yeah, looks that way. It also looks adorable.

Iggy hones his hunting skills with a tablet

Source: rautiocination

Parrot on a bicycle, NBD

Photo: China Photos/Getty Images

Oldie but goodie: Tillman, the skateboarding bulldog

Source: rnickeymouse

Rico the war dog wears goggles to protect his eyes

Photo: Senior Airman Elizabeth Rissmiller/US Air Force

African bullfrog crushes it at Ant Crusher…

Source: KoreanFrogMania

But he’s got some competition

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Sammy, the canine Bob Ross

Photo: Matthew S. Gunby/AP

This elephant appreciates the Galaxy Note’s ample proportions

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Petra, the Alsatian from the BBC’s Blue Peter, answers some fan mail

Photo: John Pratt/Getty Images

Cat gets a relaxing neck massage


A dog tunes in to the wireless (1929)

Photo: Fox Photos/Getty Images

Two dogs get a blowout


This cat loves the radio (1926)…

Photo: Monty Fresco/Topical Press Agency/Getty Images

While these cats have serious physics to learn

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Printing important cat documents

Photo: whitecat sg

Planning important cat vacations

Photo: Evan Lovely

If you have a tech-savvy cockatiel, invest in a screen protector

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Nora, the world famous piano cat

Photo: norathepianocat.com

Sophie the Roombacat

Photo: barbostick