You'll Be Able To Vote For The Pirate Party At The 2013 Federal Election

You weren't able to vote for the Pirate Party at the last Federal Election. That was because the papers required to get the Pirate Party on the ballot at a Federal Level weren't filed in time. Not this time, though! The Pirate Party has now successfully registered for the 2013 Federal Election.

The Australian Pirate Party is now in the process of preparing policies and readying candidates for the as yet unannounced Federal Election.

Read the party's full announcement here.


    They couldn't be any worse then the clowns currently in Canberra.

      As a fellow member of PPAU I can tell you the directors of the party are very well organised and have the best interests for the public at heart. I recommend you take a look at their policies since there is a lot more to then their name.

        Just a hint, if you actually publish what you guys stand for and what you plan to do in terms that people can understand, you'll go a long way to help people voting for you.

        I've tried goggling previous members of parliament for my electorate and they give ZERO detail about what they want to do....and I mean DETAIL not political hog-wash that means nothing to people who can actually see if for the bu$*@ words they are that mean nothing.

        If I can actually find out what a members focus is I'd would be much more swayed to actually vote for them (or not...but at least then you'd know you were doing something wrong and could fix it)

        Cause let's be honest.....who actually votes with full knowledge about everything a politician intends to do?

    Haven't voted since I was 20, 18 years later I'm not going to start now, all poli's are cheats, thieves and lie to your face, so many go to Canberra with the best intentions, but they all get corrupted. Politics both sucks and blows!

      I have no problem with voluntary voting. You don't vote, you don't get citizenship until the next election.

        Abstaining (by way of a informal vote) is a perfectly legitimate vote. It is illegal to endorse or promote donkey voting publicly, but it is most certainly not illegal to vote that way, and is an option available to all Australian citizens as part of our democratic rights.

        DISCLAIMER: I neither endorse nor encourage voting in this way.
        EDIT (see comments below): I used the term "donkey vote" previously, and now fixed it to "informal vote". I didn't realise that they weren't the same thing).

        Last edited 21/01/13 6:57 pm

          A donkey vote is not abstaining from voting. A donkey vote is when you mark the ballot paper in a random order, usually from top to bottom. It counts as a valid vote., and gives an unfair advantage to the candidate who is lucky to score the first position on the ballot paper. I think the term you are intending to use is "informal vote". That is where you deliberately deface the ballot paper so that it can not be counted as a valid vote. The easiest way to do this is to write "none of the above" across the face of the ballot paper.

            I would much rather people abstain by informal voting than doing a donkey vote. It skews the numbers and especially the secondary preferences and can have a substantial impact on the result, where as an informal vote will have none.
            Also if you donkey vote or informally vote , you are not allowed to complain about politics till the next election. If you don't care enough to vote properly then don't bitch about it.

            Last edited 22/01/13 10:48 am

            You're right - I definitely meant to say "informal vote".

            So a donkey vote doesn't mean drawing a donkey on your card instead of numbers...

      And by what logic is not voting the solution to the problem you describe. By the sound of it you are getting the type of government you deserve.

    We need more info here.

    In Australia there are two houses of parliament; the house of representatives and the senate. The house of representatives creates legislation whereas the senate is intended as a 'house of review' or as our former PM once called it, an "unrepresentative swill" :)

    To stand as a candidate in the senate you stand on a state ticket, meaning anyone in a state can vote for you when they vote on election day. If the PP registered to run candidates for the senate, in which state did they do so? If they registered a candidate in Victoria and I live in NSW, then I cant vote for them.

    If on the other hand, and I doubt they will do this, they are running for the house of representatives, they will be running candidates to represent a particular electorate to represent that particular electorate in the house of representatives. There are 409 electoral districts in Australia, which one would they run in?

    You are legally required to attend and have your name marked on the roll, what you do on or with your ballot papers is no ones business but your own!

    If the pirate party can other something other than a lean green armed gender obsessed self interested nanny state, I'll vote for them. Another three years of the same shit fight should not be an option.

    If this party's policies cover legalising pirate bay and the downloading of pirated content online you have my vote. Other than that I don't see a point to this party a bit like last election where I voted for the sex party on Victorian State election's where I thought the party was legalising aham lol but really it was a party promoting women's rights and homosexual right's no offence to anyone but it's not what I consider a sex party if you know what I mean.

    Just read their current policies:
    To be honest they look like a nice, right down the middle party. Definitely not extremist views on any topic so far, only fairly common sense stuff. Unless they come up with anything radical that I'm opposed to I'd say they're gonna get my vote.
    Hopefully they give the Greens a jolly good rogering at the elections. Can't wait.

    I wonder who they'll give their preferences to?

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