Wrangler's New Jeans Are A Skin-Softening Spa In Your Pants

You've been thinking it for ages: What you really want your jeans to do is make your butt feel like it's just been lathered with lotion. Pine for these skin softening slacks no longer, because Wrangler has invented moisturising jeans.

Let's repeat that, but more slowly: Wrangler. Moisturising. Jeans.

The Denim Spa line hits ASOS on January 28 in three degrees of gam smoothness — Aloe Vera, Olive Extract and Smooth Legs, which apparently will also get rid of your cottage cheese cellulite legs. Wrangler is calling those finishes. (Just a quick reminder, we're not talking about flooring, but jeans). The lotion-laden pants will last for up to 95 wears. Skip the spa, because it's already in your pants. [Drapers, Vogue via FastCo]

Image: Asos

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