Would You Wear A Google Smartwatch That Looked Like This?

Whatever your opinion on the whole smartwatch thing is, don't worry/get excited; this isn't real. This is just a concept design called "Google Time" by Adrian Maciburko. That said, they look kind of, well, nice.

Of course for a smartwatch to be any good it'd also have to work well, unlike some others we've seen. But Google Now, with its attempts (and reasonable success) at getting to know you better than you know yourself, you could get something that's actually interesting. So what do you say, would you be at all interested in a Google Smartwatch like this? You know, if it actually existed. [Adrian Maciburko via The Next Web]


    but i can do all these on my phone right now.

      But with this, you would be able to all all these on your phone......

      Without even taking the phone out of your pocket!

      why do you need a phone! I can do all these on my laptop right now.

        why do you need a laptop I can do all these things on the library's computer.

          Library's computer! Why do you need that when you can do it all with typewriters, microphones, barometers and calendars!

            Why do you need that for? I can just go outside by slagging on my finger and feeling for the temperature, then determine the time by looking directly at the sun!

              looking at the sun!! Why do that when you can simply feel what side of your body is burning the most!

    Haven't worn a watch in nearly 20 years since having a phone that tells the time. With smartphones, they've also replaced other devices such as PDAs and portable audio. Some even dont bother taking a camera out to special events and just use their ohobe for happy snaps. With NFC we can even start considering not having to carry a wallet around.

    The point is having less crap to carry around and lose or get stolen. Why would I want to carry around more, that actually doesn't add functionality or convinience.

    Are you really that lazy, that you need a remote control for something that's in your pocket?

      Something about eggs and a basket. Personally with my experiance having used several brands of smart phones its all well and good untill it goes belly up. Ive never owned a smart phone with an OS stable enough to throw everthing else away and rely on it solely especially when travelling. Thats not to mention those who have had theirsmart phone break, stolen or you lose it. Yeah a display on your wrist might seem overkill or lazy but for some its exactly what they need. Im interested but the quetion i ask would i utilise all its features or will it be just another unloved gadget doing mundain tasks ie a party trick.

    What's the point .. it would always be SOLD OUT on their web site anyway

    This would actually make me switch to an android phone. Likely the Note 2.

      It might be worthwhile checking out the Motorola MotoActv if you're interested in a smart watch - (not directly available in Australia though).

      GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, it tracks your runs / fitness and can be paired with ANT+ devices/sensors, built in music player that can be used with bluetooth headphones, can be rooted and flashed with tweaked/custom ROMs, can have many apps installed from the Play store (limitations being resolution/DPI for functionality), has notifications pushed to it from your Android phone (messages, calls, weather, facebook) etc. Runs about ~3 days on a charge with moderate usage.

      The Note 2 is a fantastic phone by the way, got mine a few weeks before Christmas and it's by far the best Android experience I have had.

      @tiberath - FYI

        While it does look interesting, it's advertised (from what I can see) purely as an accessory to fitness. Of which I have no use or interest in (I lost weight by simply not eating as much, it's amazing how well that worked -- granted I did it to the point of starvation, but still, it worked). Perhaps it is capable of more (running android apps from Play Store as suggested), but as I have no Android phone, that makes it a little less usable for me.

        Although my iPhone 4 is coming up to it's change period, I'm seriously considering something running Firefox OS or the recently announced Ubuntu OS. My only smart phone has been an iPhone 4, and while it's been trusty and loyal phone (no dints, scratches, bumps or bruises, and it's hit the floor a couple of times), I'm pretty over iOS (and being immediately known as an Apple fanboy for having one doesn't help it's case).

        Firefox OS had me with it's HTML(5), CSS and Javascript support (as I know all of those pretty well and could probably do some nifty stuff if I tried). And IIRC, Ubuntu OS will have similar functionality.

        If I find a phone that allows me access to various standardised APIs (receiving messages and whatnot onMessageReceived(from, content, time); or something) that's manipulable by Javascript, I'll be in heaven. I honestly just want a piece of hardware that'll let me manipulate the front-end to my desire, providing an API for the back-end tasks done in languages I don't know. I can build a better webUI than most actual UI designers by the looks of it (then again, I know what I like, so I take this with a grain of salt).

        My ideal smart-watch: Plug into computer. Upload .js/.html/.css files to an index folder to manipulate the overall display of the thing. (Similar to templating in PHP, Smarty if you will. Or perhaps using jQuery over standard Javascript would be a better example.) With Javascript functions to plug-in to the back-end. (onMessageSend(a, b, callback), onMessageReceive(from, message, time), onUnlock() - this kind of thing. (I'm not a professional, just an enthusiast)

    I want a decent 'smart watch'. Not for any particular reason. I just want one. Too many spy movies perhaps.

    Most definitely I would.

    I could really see this become handy when smartglasses begin to the dominate the market in a few years. I honestly think our phones will fade away as well because it's inconvenient to constantly reach in our pocket to check the time, facebook status, or text message. Most of what we need on our phones is a quick notification of some sort - unless we're reading a large article or youtube video.

      Not to mention not having that burning feeling in your pocket anymore from a mobile phone... oops iPhone. A watch is always better as phones are getting bigger now and less easier to carry around in pockets.

    I'd buy one in an instant. Think of it not as a watch, but as a ''smartphone extender''.

    Apple could have had this market if they'd added bluetooth to the prior iPod Nano. (Instead, they just made the Nano bigger, d'oh!)

    ive been wanting a smart watch for a while, the current offerings are fairly lackluster though, would love to see someone do it right...

    The only question that matters is - Can I watch porn on this?

    This will never ever beat a finely crafted mechanical Swiss watch.

    The Google Smartwatch is all about Google Now http://www.amongtech.com/the-google-smartwatch-is-all-about-google-now/

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