Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Gizmodo Every Week!

This is huge. What old gadget would you trade for a VAIO Duo 11 hybrid tablet/Ultrabook from Sony? Giz has teamed up with Sony Australia and Intel Australia for a fantastic new competition. Almost $6000 of gear is up for grabs and entering is easy... just grab any old piece of technology you have lying around to get started!

Need inspiration? Check out some of these great entries we've received so far!

Weekly Prize

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony: A tablet and an Ultrabook rolled into one.

Powered by an Intel Core i5 processor and 4GB of memory, the VAIO Duo 11 features a unique 'Surf Slider' design for smooth transitions between tablet and laptop modes. You can use touch operation in the slate mode and regular PC operation in the keyboard mode. (Click image or here for more info).

We have not 1, not 2 but 4 VAIO Duo 11 hybrids from Sony up for grabs; valued at $1,499 each.

Each week throughout February, the weekly winner of the VAIO Duo 11 challenge will receive a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony -- simple as that!

How UpTrade To The VAIO Duo 11 From Sony

Are you ready to trade up from your old tech? To upgrade your digital UpTrade? Here's how the stylish VAIO Duo 11 could be yours:
Step 1: Gather any pieces of old technology that you’ve got at your place. It can be anything you want: camera, phone, console, TV, blender, tamagochi, video games, walkman... The only trick is that it needs to date back before year 2000 - so don’t take the latest computer that you got for Christmas!
Step 2: Write the following message on the item:

"I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony"

It can be however you want: On a post-it note sticked to your device(s), handwritten with dust, as a text message on your mobile phone… be creative! This time we are not going to judge your entries on your photographic skills but rather on your ingenuity and creativity.
Step 3: Take a photo of it all; your old piece of technology with the message written and send it to us via the form below. We want to be amazed by what you are ready to trade to get your hands on the new VAIO Duo 11.
Need inspiration? Check out some of these great entries we've received so far!

How Judging Works

For this special VAIO Duo 11 UpTrade comp, we’ll be checking for new entries and updating each week’s photo voting post several times a day.

Voting will definitely be taken into account, but this time around Gizmodo and Sony Australia will judge the entries. The more interesting or valuable the piece of technology you are willing to trade -- the more chance you will have to get your hands on a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony.

• Final Week 4 opens/voting begins at 10:01am AEDT on Tuesday, February 19th. • Final Week 4 entries close at 10am AEDT on Tuesday, February 26th. • Full terms and conditions.

The Rules

1. The work must be your own.

2. Photos need to include at least one piece of technology (dating from before year 2000) alongside the following sentence: “I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony”

3. Australian residents only.

4. You must be ready to trade your old piece of technology for the VAIO Duo 11.

5. Entries must be submitted via the entry form below.

6. Don't forget to include your name in your image attachment!

7. Save your files as JPGs, and use a FirstnameLastname.jpg naming convention.

8. Please ensure your image is at least 800px wide and no larger than 3MB.

And The Week 1 Winner Is...

Peter McIntosh! Congrats Peter! We love the Commodore 64, and nice touch with the Bravia TV!. We had over 170 amazing entries, so well done to everyone!

Week 2 Winner...

Nicholas Joiner just edged out an amazing field of 147 entries. Congrats to you sir!

Week 3 Winner...

Thomas Jack Oxley. Huge congrats Thoams -- that's a nice old Mac you've scribbled over there! You beat out 87 great entries, so well done.

Week 4 And Final Winner...

Tony Costay. tip of the hat Mr Costa, you beat out 129 competitors. How did you manage to collect so much old Sony gear?! Thank you -- as always -- to everyone that entered. You made this comp special.

Entries Now Closed!


    sounds where did I put that 9600 baud modem......

    Last edited 29/01/13 2:28 am

      I think I may have an old ADSL modem sitting around somewhere, pretty sure it dates back earlier than 2000.

    Who the hell has any tech from before 2000? I don't think I've got anything from much before 2010.

    Last edited 29/01/13 2:07 pm

      Lol Monmouth. I'm pretty sure that all of your tech will pre date 20010. Or did you bring back a overboard from your time travelling adventures?

        It all depends on which calendar you use but your comment is going to seem silly now that I've edited my post.

      I have a box of all my pre 1990 tech :D but i dont think i'd trade it for anything.

    I was meant to clear out my office yesterday which would of resulted in all my old tech being thrown out, luckily I was too hungover haha. Will see what I've got tonight. I'm pretty sure I've got a pair of old Vaio that are from about the year 2000, will have to double check the age.

    OK I threw out all my older tech ages ago so I wouldn't have won it anyway, which is why I'm glad I actually bought one last week. It boots up in ten seconds, has a beautiful screen and looks sweet to boot.

    Time to start digging through my 'tech junk' boxes. I knew that stuff might come in handy some day!

    Goddammit, I just did an eWaste run before I moved.

    Last edited 29/01/13 11:28 am

      Unfortunately I've also recently had a bit of a clean up of old tech. If this contest happened a few months ago I would have had some great things to use, including some old analogue brick mobile phones, a stereo unit, and an old CRT TV that still worked.

      As it stands I think most of it is gone now, apart from a case full of 3.5 inch floppy disks that I have kept for some reason I can't remember. I do still have an old Alcatel ADSL modem I think, and some model of a Sony Discman, though I'm not sure exactly when that Discman model was released. I'll need to double check it. I'll be okay to part with the Discman if it qualifies as I can't remember the last time I used it.

      Last edited 29/01/13 2:16 pm

    Crap i have something sitting in my work office but i don't think it is old enough despite it being extremely old.

    Kinda wish I still had all my old junk I had before I moved to Aussie. Im sure 4 C64s would have fit the bill :>

    1974 Coleco-vision Pong game...but I don't want to trade it :(

    My old tech will someday be worth more than some crappy VAIO Duo 11.

    Hey Gizmodo, I've submitted my entry, but there's no email confirmation that it was received.
    Is there any?

      Your entry is live over at:

      Good luck!

    I've got so many candidates to take a photo of but the only issue is having to part with it.

    "The more interesting or valuable the piece of technology you are willing to trade — the more chance you will have to get your hands on a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony."

    To me this reads, "The more we can flog your antique item for on ebay, — the more chance you will have to get your hands on a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony."

      I have to agree. It's not really a give away, it's more a straight up trade!

    I could have sworn they changed the naming convention for the image filename in between me creating my entry and actually uploading it. I wonder if that's to see who the "Power" users are, or at least those who are quickest off the mark. Anyway it took me a little while to come up with my entry and I used the newer naming convention. Oh and pre 2000??? Pah.... let's go back another century just to make it interesting. ;)

      Yeah, I saw the Power thing too, but I didn't put Power in my file name, just my name.

    form seems to be broken? (post code etc fields) still submitted by filling out all fields

    Last edited 29/01/13 5:27 pm

    I reckon a few of us will actually be sad to part with our items.

    damn! I only just gave in to my mum hounding me to let her throw out my old Amiga Commodore 2000 a couple years ago.. that would have been perfect! :(

    Nice prize, but hard to enter as the form is pretty flipped up

      yeah is there any way to tell if our entry was recieved correctly? I had issues with the form as well :/

        Agreed. With the fields being offset by one and with those examples being... well... examples; is there confirmation that we did it right so we get all 4 chances?

          Hundreds of people have entered, so form is working -- but if anyone has any issues or wants to check that their entry has been recieved, feel free to contact me directly. Thx!

    Where did i the time go i remember going to the store as child buying my first portable music device a tape walkman would be nice to ultrabook that

    I think I'm another who had to guess the address fields. It said submitted but not sure if the form was correct

    its lucky that the comp isn't solely judged by votes as its so easy to manipulate the votes - just by repeatedly clicking the stars on one can reduce a star rating from 4 to 1! A good way to eliminate your competition......

    Sorry had to re-submit my entry as I got the naming convention wrong. I was so eager to enter that I somehow missed rule 7.

    Got a couple of old Sony HI FI Video recorders that date back to the eighties when they were all the rage and a Record player. They all still work as well!

    What's wrong with the Week 2 links. I am getting a 404. It's the same format as week1, just with something changed (not sure what it would be) ;-)

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