What's Your Weirdest Criteria For Keeping A Facebook Friend?

Good strategy for keeping your Facebook friend count low: give people the boot on their birthdays. January 29. Happy birthday, Karthik Reddy. We once had a sociology class together but I barely remember you. See ya!

But how do you decide when to keep someone?

Has this person been to jail? They stay. Shotgun wedding? Hello, you're accepted. A growing number of weird and ill-advised tattoos of dragons? Keep forever. It's weird, it's voyeuristic, but we all have creepy criteria or whose bizarro life updates we want to keep in our news feed. So spill in the comments.


    Back when i used it many years ago, if you posted anything stupid/annoying/funny/attention grabbing you were gone.

      So.... everyone?

        Yep, hence why i dont use facbook anymore, and condemn those that do.

    cbf, I just leave everyone on and dont log in.

    I remove anyone who I wouldn't be upset at the thought of them dying.

    I remove people after 3 months of no actual communication via facebook or other means. I just dont see the point of having 300+ random 'friends' i dont talk to.

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