What Is The Most Dangerous Place On Earth?

The Outback? The Antarctic? The top of Mount Everest? The bottom of the ocean? In the middle of your parent's kitchen during a political argument on any given holiday? All good guesses, but none are quite right. Between environmental hazards, plagues, and other human beings, the world is a dangerous place, sure. But what local takes the proverbial death cake? Vsauce explains. The answer might surprise you.



    in the mistress wardrobe.... hiding......

    Sitting next to David Koch at a Breastfeeding Mothers of Australia meet.

      Yep, that would be hard because you agree with the guy but its just the two of you that are in agreement lol.

    A feminist's womb.

    At the top of a ladder.


    Locale? Unclear.

    Unless you mean 'local' as in pub, in which case it's "The River Arms" in Tassie.

    Well. don't most people die in their BEDs...

    That would make the bedroom the most dangerous place on earth....

    ok that video is just excruciating to watch and I only seen the first 1:30. Did anyone actually get through it to see what it apparently is?

    Some interesting stats there.
    That guy has a William Shatner thing going on. He needs to rehearse his videos beforehand, or use a Teleprompter or something.

    Detroit, with a "I HATE BLACK PEOPLE" sign around your neck.

      Louisana with NASCAR SUCKS


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