What Happens When You Push The Button (Again)?

As a follow up to the most epic stunt we've ever seen, random people who push a mysterious button in the middle of a street find themselves entangled in a ridiculously intense prank complete with assassinations, flying money, a kidnapping, guns and naked people. This awesome stunt has it all.

The previous TNT stunt was in Belgium, this one was in the Netherlands. Why can't they do this stuff in America! Watch the whole thing go down below:

I love pushing buttons. [LiveLeak]


    Boss: Why are you late today?

    Me: Well I pressed a button coming to work, I suddenly got kidnapped, put in a remote location, the building blew up, people in prison outfit came rushing out and the guard's or police we're fighting them, then naked people ran past me.

    Sounds legit.

    " Why can’t they do this stuff in America! Watch the whole thing go down below:"
    because every american would Sue the creator of the prank, even if they had a good time.

      More likely someone will pull out their gun and start shooting back.

    Now when people see a Red button, they are going to be rushing to push it.

    I'm just glad they included an Elvis

    What happens when the blue button is pressed?

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