What Happened With The NBN This Week?

What Happened With The NBN This Week?

Political strongarming the Coalition over its technology policies, adding new cities to the NBN footprint and shaking our collective heads at radiation wowsers: this is the week in the life of the National Broadband Network.

NBN Co updated the network’s roll-out maps today, meaning you can go and find out just how long you have to wait to get the NBN in your house. Or you could be like me and figure out that it’s just across the road from where you live.

Independent MP and current record holder for talking under wet cement, Rob Oakeshott, says that he’s pressuring the Coalition to come up with new technology and connectivity policies for this year’s elections. Thankfully, he’s telling them that no matter what they do, their policies have to include fibre to the home as a strategy if they want his support.

Oakeshott is one of the three independent MPs that the Labor party needs to hold on to to maintain its position as a minority government. The last Federal Election was basically decided by these independents who held high-speed broadband in high-esteem. With the roll-out of the NBN still underway, the state of high-speed internet infrastructure is going to be just as important in the upcoming 2013 Federal Election.

Finally this week, we bring you the insane story of Wendy McClelland. Wendy lives around 144km from Melbourne, and is leading the charge against an NBN wireless tower — that will bring superfast internet to her whole area. Why? Because Wendy can’t be anywhere near anything that produces radiation because of a condition she has. Basically, she’s claiming that if an NBN tower went in near her property it would “kill her”.

Let’s take a moment to remember that radiation from things like the Sun, radio towers, microwaves and mobile phones are around us all the time, so what must it have been like for Wendy when the film crew came around to watch her put her pseudo-bee keeping suit on? Watch the video for more.