Weird Revolving Doors Like These Could Save Your Life Someday

Doors are some seriously ancient tech but they have this problem where they can only keep people out if they're closed. This bizarre but clever take on the "revolving door" by a company called Barbecan, on the other hand, aims to get you inside, but simultaneously keep any ne'er-do-wells out. Specifically ne'er-do-wells with bombs and guns.

This system, which Barbecan calls the "Linear Revolving Door" works by encasing every entrant to a building within his or her own little private cell on the way in. While they're in there, sensors check for guns or bombs or whatever bad news you might be able to detect, and if the results are positive, the linear revolving door can either trap the target in there, or reverse to spit him out. It helps to see what it would look like in action.

While it seems like the Linear Revolving Door could be effective, it's also got none of the simplicity of traditional doors. And man would it suck if the mechanical doors that are designed to contain bombers and gunman break down and won't open. And that's to say nothing of expense. Still, a system like this could be pretty useful in particularly high risk areas. Don't expect to see it any time soon though; Barbecan is just in the patenting stage of this one. But if crazy spurts of violence keep up, then you can imagine something like this is going to show up eventually. [Barbecan via Discovery]


    Barbecan must have employed the Mattel corporation to do their rendering. Seriously though, would you want your security based on an automated system? And god help the poor sod trapped on the "outside" if a would be bomber / gunman was rejected by the system.

    ridiculous, no one will walk through that death trap.

      I'm sure the doors could be made of clear bullet proof glass not solid walls like the illustration. Revolving doors look scary like they'll sheer an arm off but i'm sure arm and handbag fatalities are minimal.

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    Seems simpler to just have two revolving doors instead of doors that need to revolve and move.

    This is another method of gun control isn't it?

    This won't solve the problem, it;s not so much guns being the issue, it's the culture that's become the issue. Banning guns will initiate a black market, the same has happened with the "Drug War" along with the prohibition of alcohol from 1920-1933. The constitution was written as a giant middle finger to the British Empire, so they made it especially important for the people to carry guns so that their very own government won't overthrow them.

    Fast forward several hundred years later and that mentality still nestles deep within the nation. So when I see this sort of technology to trap people in like animals in a cage I question those in authority who would place these in public areas.

      The problem is guns, culture too, but mainly guns. The biggest issue though is that they already have the guns and banning them now wont work. Its the same reason prohibition didnt work.

        It's not the same as prohibition and it can work. Unlike consumables like alcohol, cocaine etc guns are far harder to produce, transport, and conceal. If you drastically reduce local legal production then what's left is basically a finite supply, and because it's illegal you can be then charged if possession is discovered, and when it is that's another firearm out of circulation.

        It would be far, far, far easier to control trafficking in illegal weapons than it is for illegal substances, history has even proved this - there are many examples through history when weapons have been successfully controlled (from bows to swords, to bombs, to guns) , but I can't think of any successful ones involving drink or drugs.

        Yeah, because banning guns hasn't worked in all those other countries that banned guns (including Australia)!

          hope you are being serious, becuase in the 12 year period between 1984 and 1996, there were seven mass shootings in Australia. Since the Port Arthur massacre there has only been one mass shooting, and the vast majority of major gun crime overall is between gangs and organized crime members.

          So yeah, gun RESTRICTION (not an all out ban) has worked pretty damn well seeing as it reduced mass shootings from one approximately every two years down to only one in more than decade.

    In security terms this is called a mantrap and is already used where tailgating is a concern, prisons etc. It's pretty simple to achieve first door opens, then closes and locks, second door requires credentials to enter. What those credentials are depend on your situation, it could just be a keypad or it could be an actual inspection.

    They already have these doors in Australian jails. When you go to visit an inmate, you have to pass through a 'trap' that closes a door behind you and won't open the next one until the air has been sampled for traces of 'stuff' (not sure what).

    Seems overly complex for what is essentially an airlock. Why not use an..airlock. Structurally stronger if there is a bomb, mechanically simpler so far less to go wrong..

    Wow, the video is quite mesmerising.

    I have seen similar setups at airports but they wouldn't be able to handle this kind of traffic flow. It does seem overly complicated but quite impressive.

    And then someone breaks in through a window. Or people get trapped in a burning building, because this thing is on the fire exit. Or they DON'T put it on the fire exits, and the Bad People break in that way...

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