Watch This New Doctor Who Trailer Right Now

Now that the Doctor Who Christmas Special has been-and-gone, it's time for nerds like me to look forward to the next adventures of everyone's favourite Time Lord. If you're as excited as I am, wait until you see this trailer.

Doctor Who returns to the BBC in April, and hopefully the local ABC will run the episodes on iView as quickly as it did for the first half of season seven. There's no reason it wouldn't, mind you. We'll still be checking, though. [YouTube]



      Where's the love, guy?

        Luke I've got more Doctor Who love than many people, but isn't this the trailer that was at the end of the Christmas Special and has been seen around the place a fair bit? Don't get me wrong, I obeyed the instructions in the title immediately - I was just expecting something new. Moar Doctor!

    This trailer that was at the end of the xmas special? Old.

      Some of us (ie me) were too stupid to think to watch for the trailer at the end of the special.

    I'm still annoyed with the Beeb for this half-season rubbish - the 50th anniversary deserves better. Plus, why can't they get that guy who did the fake First Question trailer to do put something together? This trailer was OK, but his are better.

    Right then, having got the traditional whining out of the way, I will of course be up at 5:30am each Sunday to watch on iView, then tape the episodes on ABC1, then buy the blu-ray box set and potentially the digital versions off iTunes as well. I like my whinges to be entitled whinges.

    Oh man I missed it. Totally forgot about TV over the last few weeks.

    Ever since I watched this dude have sex with him mum on that movie Womb, I just can't get into this Doctor Who.

    In my opinion Luke, Doctor Who's a mother f****er.

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