Watch H+ The Complete Series Right Now

Bryan Singer's incredible web series, H+ finally wrapped up after 48 amazing episodes over the weekend. Now you can watch it from start-to-finish here on Gizmodo.

For those who don't remember what H+ is all about, here's a refresher: it tells the story of a world where humans have implanted themselves with a revolutionary new device known as the H+ Nano, which augments your body and allows you to interact with the world and the internet in a way that sees the screen overlaid on your eyes. Adoption is massive, so what happens when a hyper-connected humanity goes offline?

Each episode is only a few minutes long, and the full series will take you just under four hours to get through.


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    intriguing. never heard of the series, first 10 minutes is ... well it's "flash forward" and the plot is somewhat reminiscent of the story from sandra bullock's 18 year old film, the net (how can that film be that old ...) i.e. if you stick a computer into your head, expect it to be hacked and/or your identity wiped out, because ... the sanity of sticking a computer in your head without native firewalls, would be offset by well, the grotesquery of an inevitable 4chan backlash,

    so yes, if you ignore the massive implications ignored en-masse in an effort to get things underway for the plot, that hasn't been seen in dozens of scifi shows before, not to mention the similarity to the bruce willis vehicle "surrogates" or the book Rainbow's end, about wearable computers & taking over people's minds ... or langford's basilisk's, etc. i digress,

    it's a fun series. as long as you don't take it seriously or hold out against hitting survival series cliches every 20 seconds, i think it could be enjoyable.

      Dude it's Science Fiction on a budget. It's well written and acted, just enjoy it. It's free!!
      I'm going to string it together in one hour eps and watch it later. :)

      Last edited 22/01/13 9:40 am

    I started watching this yesterday afternoon after remembering seeing an article on it on Giz a couple of months back. I'm really enjoying it, I'm up to ep 30. Watching on Youtube though is annoying due to the continual interruption of ads over the screen and in between episodes. The continual change in storyline from past to present and different locations was at first confusing but it's all coming together nicely. Well worth a look and better than some of the TV/Cable broadcast scifi around

    Ah! Where did my afternoon go!?
    Thanks Giz! So glad I saw this!

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