Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Giz: Vote For Week One's Best Entries, So Far!

You might have noticed that Giz has teamed up with Sony Australia and Intel Australia to give away almost $6000 of Sony Vaio Duo 11s hybrids. All you have to do to enter is grab an old piece of technology and explain why you need to UpTrade to a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony. To get you inspired, check out the *171* fantastic entries we've received this week so far.

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony: A tablet and an Ultrabook rolled into one.

• There's a Vaio Duo 11 from Sony up for grabs each week in February.

• We're taking your votes into account, so don’t forget to share the comp with your friends!

• Photos need to include at least one piece of technology (dating from before year 2000) alongside the following sentence: “I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony

Think you can beat the entries below? This week's entries close Tuesday 5th February 10am AEDT!

Send Giz your entries here!

And The Week 1 Winner Is...

Peter McIntosh! Congrats Peter! We love the Commodore 64, and nice touch with the Bravia TV!. We had over 170 amazing entries, so well done to everyone!

Wonder who will win week 2..?

Vote For Your Favourite!

*171* entries and counting...

Rate your favourites using the star buttons below.

Angela Melville

Ash Kuss

Chris Lowe

Daiji Sato

David Sloan

Stephen Pettman

Alex Kinsella

Oliver Gibson

Matthew Russo (Entry 2)

Matthew Russo (Entry 3)

Harry Buskes

Karl Schunker

Ron Jolley (Entry 2)

Milan Ninchich

John Jimenez

Jeffrey Ho

David Limjuco

Christian Shuard (Entry 2)

Anthony Metzen

Paul Gulwell

Langdon Heath

Dominic Chan

Miles Goodhew

Peter McIntosh

Danyon Weatherall

Ron Jolley

Nicolas Heaton

Anh F Tran

Danny Tasmakis

Leonie McCallum

Tan Tran

Dylan Perejuan

Mark Burmester

Martin Bacon

Craig Ashdown

Eric Yew

Dane Procter

John Ballingall

Ross Colvin

Damien Cramp

Julien Cayeux

Paul Broadhurst

Karl Ervine

Lyndon Hill

Mark Gasseling

Maciej Szczepaniak

Peter Lewis

Scott Baker

Simon Chen

Sharron Liang

Siang Lim

Stuart Skene

Vishesh Handoo

Steve Berrick

Kevin Stewart

Michael Pond

Matthew Russo

Mike Seah

Nathan Grumball (Entry 1)

Nathan Grumball (Entry 2)

Rodney Boonzaayer (Entry 2)

Robert Stojanovic

Aaron McNiven

William Zhong

Cameron Hodge

Andrew Holmes

Mathew Eley

Benji Greig

Luke Nicholson

Franky Sudargo

Dhani Sutanto

Brian Cabaron

Leo Wyszynski

Raymond Gallo

Ray Pollanen

Yan Aung

Tim Norris

Daniel Mainzer

Jonathan Ortiz

Sam Dragon

Tim Clarke

Braycen Jackwitz

Brandan Meharry

Jayant Pande

Michael Riddiough

Danny Markovski

Henry Ponco

Gerard Ding

Hormuzd Cooper

Krishneil Lochan

Nerissa Rogerson

Paul Jaskierniak

Vanda Bacich

Ross Colvin

Antonio Foxlee

Vincent Lim

Con Diamantis

Dave Lord

Charli Hoffmann

Sara Fisher

Erick Watson

Denis Cowcill

Rob Wagstaff

Tony Nguyen

Natalie Folker

Dennis Dijkhuizen

Damon Thomas

Ben Harnwell

James Porter

Adele Kezich

Philbert Lu

Brent Driscoll

Fraulein Sarto

Eric Rangitaawa

Charbel Salloum (Entry 1)

Charbel Salloum (Entry 2)

Denis Hackney

Erik Lai

Edwin Robertson

Jamie Janz

Justin Morris

Alan Campbell

Andrew Oosthuizen

Brodie Hock

Chris Maxfield

Damien Collins

Daniel Koenigs

Dermot McDermott

Francis Tuason

Gavin Lyons

Hunter Beanland

Ian Tamplin

James Fogarty

Jui-Huan Ou

Murray Charlton

David Stevenson

Wendy Climpson

Jonathan Buch

William Hudson

Jennifer Saari

John Odom

Justin Chee

Ben Flint

Harold Cranford

Graham Jupp

Andrew Stinear

Kozo Morimoto

Nick Butler

Ross Brancatisano

Andrew Liu

Eddy Miller

Tony Jones

Qinson Ong

Clayton Wood

Yu Wooi Ching

Sam Simmonds

Dawei Deng (Entry 1)

Terry Host

Christian Shuard

Adrian McPherson

Jeffrey Schoer

Mariyam Ishfa Latheef

Jason Bain

Dawei Deng (Entry 2)

Jason Ralston

Ali Ghaleh

Rodney Boonzaayer

Jehan Bhagwagar

Stuart Baker

Dominik Hrstic

Ben St Aubyn

Yasser Tariq

Dylan Johnson


    I'll take the Commodore 64 and the Dreamcast off their hands if they don't win...

    And I actually had one of those Astro Wars games, haha. Classic.

      just thinking that! - ponders where my old C64 is....hmmmm

        Checkin' out that Virtual Boy, that futuristic toy. Lol, I can no longer see a Virtual Boy and not think of that terrible YouTube song.

      I had one and still have it in it's box 35 years later and also a "MERLIN"
      Sometimes it's fun to play with :)

    wow that little green screen Toshiba laptop is class.

    The letters on the NES are cut out from various NES and Gameboy cartridges, packaging and manuals... Just fyi...

      Geez.... that's dedication, maybe I should have cut all the keys off my vintage typewriter and made a necklace out of the wording... :) would fear the repercussions from collectors though and never forgive myself.

    Nick Butler photo is showing up as two different entries under different names!

    heh, I was just thinking of using my old Newton to see it's been done. Darn.

    Just realised that all the likes for a group of us are linked into several of the images. Was wondering why they were all the same amount of likes. I guess that makes sense from a promotional point of view but perhaps a little confusing for those that dont know whats going on.

      Votes don't matter anyway, it's just for engagement. I wouldn't worry about it. There are several organised groups that galvanise to try and win social media competitions. They thrive on competitions that are vote based, deciding who will win (this time). Seeing as though this is judge based, their only option is to vote bully. This will only come to fruition once they notice this competition though.

        Yeah, its kind of nice that this one wont come down to most votes as I've seen comps where people buy likes in bulk from dodgy dudes. It happened with a recent contest I voted on, but stood out like dogs bollocks. I think the person still won though as there was nothing the judges could do about it. I wonder how many entries will be on this page by the end of this week, its already a fairly heavy loading page.

    I've submitted my entry. Where is it?

      I've submitted an entry too, but it is not showing up. The entry form was not functioning correctly, so I had to try a few times. I eventually got a message telling me that my submission was successful. Where is it?

        Im guessing they add them all towards the end of the day, that's what happened yesterday anyway.

    WoW! Looks like Cash Converters did some good business this week!

    There's certainly a few classics in there now, and I had to have a chuckle at Ugg's entry. Hope he has a decent crowbar on hand.

      Ugg no need 'crowbar'. Ugg use bare hands. Ugg very strong.

    Only just found out about this. Would have entered, but no point. Why? Because it was silly to open voting so early. Should have got the entries FIRST, then opened voting. Bit silly really.

    Maybe next weeks session.

      You're welcome to enter today -- or next week. Or both! Whichever you prefer!

      Re: voting -- per the competition entry page:

      Voting will definitely be taken into account, but this time around Gizmodo and Sony Australia will judge the entries. The more interesting or valuable the piece of technology you are willing to trade — the more chance you will have to get your hands on a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony.

      Good luck!

        Hi Danny, that above information isn't listed in the full terms and conditions

        Glad the voting isn't that important. That Boonzayer guy has two entries that are both well over 100 votes, even though almost every other entry isn't even close... just a little suspicious... Please guys, just don't pick the thing with the most votes, especially if it isn't actually worth much or doesn't seem legit.

          You gotta admit though that both his entries are quite clever and took some effort. This is about getting your friends and family to help vote and raise awareness of the Vaio, that's likely exactly what he is doing. One of the first things I did was post it to facebook to help with votes but hopefully I also received votes because people genuinely liked my entry. If he does win though, Im going to hit ebay and start buying up all the old VHS machines and stereos before the big rush, :)

            Love your optimism Fontgod. If he wins with either entry than I guess more power to him. I have some pretty sweet ideas for the next couple of rounds, this race seems run already.

    Dammit, I can't find my Hanimex game console!

    That Sony camera from Ian Tamplin - does it pre-date 2000?

      Being a Sony camera in a Sony comp. I'm sure they'll help us check ;)

    Ha! The guy with the sam

    Question for Danny, is it worth us entering the comp again in subsequent weeks with the same entry if we dont win the first round or is that going to make a big headache for people trying to view the page?

      Enter again next week -- but with a different entry :)

        Thanks Danny... will see what I can fish out of the cupboard.

    Looks like everyone has gone all-out in the first week. Better save your better entries for the next few weeks.

    What's up with Jason Porters stars being in green when the rest are blue? And why do a lot of us have a bunch of FB likes and others don't have any?

      Vote star is blue now.
      Re Facebook: It's an entire page like / share. Not a vote. Shows up on each button once used.

    Have you ever been in a running race where you start out on the inside lane and have this big smile on your face for the first half of the race.... then the Nigerian dudes sprint past you with a cup of tea and a biscuit in their hands. :)

    Loving that old "RadiationMaster™" TV from Karl... although I suspect that the video game console will be sad that it will never get to realise its full colour potential.

    No betamax players or tapes??

      There will be few who really remember BETAMAX in all it's glory.......
      OR things like Apricot and Orange computers :)

    So do you have to trade the items in your entry if you win (as in post them to Sony HQ)?
    I was thinking of making a sculpture using old VHS tapes but I've got hundreds lying around and together they weigh a ton. Postage fees would cost a fortune.

    Yeah flaxon I worry about shipping as my entry is quite heavy and large. I offer a compromise - winner films smashing their entry with a sledge hammer with the Sony logo attached to it.

      Fun idea... but there's no way Im taking to my 110 year old vintage typewriter with a sledgehammer, just couldn't do it sorry. I reckon a few of the other entrants would also feel the same about their items.

    My entry is a little hard to read, could you repost with a larger resolution of the same entry? I'm sure I submitted something larger enough, thanks.

      Fixed -- had to keep it 80% of what you sent through for size, but made it much larger than it was originally. Cheers!

      Well done David, 5 Stars here from another wannabe poet. :) Shame it was so difficult to read but I managed to decipher most of it. The size of the image when clicked is determined by how large your browser window is when you first click it. It scales dynamically to fit the window on first load but doesnt change if you attempt to resize your window whilst the zoomed image is showing.

    I just noticed my entry 3 is incorrect should be a record player

    Haha - what's with the sneaky entries that came in after the cutoff time? Also, when is week 1 being judged?

      mmm, I agree. Surely it's time for round two now. Why are we still able to vote for these old and wrinkly week one entries? The terms and conditions state this should have been judged at 10am this morning, but with more entries added and voting still open, maybe the rules have changed or something.

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