Win A VAIO Duo 11 From Sony And Giz: Vote For Week One's Best Entries, So Far!

You might have noticed that Giz has teamed up with Sony Australia and Intel Australia to give away almost $6000 of Sony Vaio Duo 11s hybrids. All you have to do to enter is grab an old piece of technology and explain why you need to UpTrade to a VAIO Duo 11 from Sony. To get you inspired, check out the *171* fantastic entries we've received this week so far.

VAIO Duo 11 from Sony: A tablet and an Ultrabook rolled into one.

• There's a Vaio Duo 11 from Sony up for grabs each week in February.

• We're taking your votes into account, so don’t forget to share the comp with your friends!

• Photos need to include at least one piece of technology (dating from before year 2000) alongside the following sentence: “I want to UpTrade this / these for the #VAIODuo11 from Sony

Think you can beat the entries below? This week's entries close Tuesday 5th February 10am AEDT!

Send Giz your entries here!

And The Week 1 Winner Is...

Peter McIntosh! Congrats Peter! We love the Commodore 64, and nice touch with the Bravia TV!. We had over 170 amazing entries, so well done to everyone!

Wonder who will win week 2..?

Vote For Your Favourite!

*171* entries and counting...

Rate your favourites using the star buttons below.

Angela Melville

Ash Kuss

Chris Lowe

Daiji Sato

David Sloan

Stephen Pettman

Alex Kinsella

Oliver Gibson

Matthew Russo (Entry 2)

Matthew Russo (Entry 3)

Harry Buskes

Karl Schunker

Ron Jolley (Entry 2)

Milan Ninchich

John Jimenez

Jeffrey Ho

David Limjuco

Christian Shuard (Entry 2)

Anthony Metzen

Paul Gulwell

Langdon Heath

Dominic Chan

Miles Goodhew

Peter McIntosh

Danyon Weatherall

Ron Jolley

Nicolas Heaton

Anh F Tran

Danny Tasmakis

Leonie McCallum

Tan Tran

Dylan Perejuan

Mark Burmester

Martin Bacon

Craig Ashdown

Eric Yew

Dane Procter

John Ballingall

Ross Colvin

Damien Cramp

Julien Cayeux

Paul Broadhurst

Karl Ervine

Lyndon Hill

Mark Gasseling

Maciej Szczepaniak

Peter Lewis

Scott Baker

Simon Chen

Sharron Liang

Siang Lim

Stuart Skene

Vishesh Handoo

Steve Berrick

Kevin Stewart

Michael Pond

Matthew Russo

Mike Seah

Nathan Grumball (Entry 1)

Nathan Grumball (Entry 2)

Rodney Boonzaayer (Entry 2)

Robert Stojanovic

Aaron McNiven

William Zhong

Cameron Hodge

Andrew Holmes

Mathew Eley

Benji Greig

Luke Nicholson

Franky Sudargo

Dhani Sutanto

Brian Cabaron

Leo Wyszynski

Raymond Gallo

Ray Pollanen

Yan Aung

Tim Norris

Daniel Mainzer

Jonathan Ortiz

Sam Dragon

Tim Clarke

Braycen Jackwitz

Brandan Meharry

Jayant Pande

Michael Riddiough

Danny Markovski

Henry Ponco

Gerard Ding

Hormuzd Cooper

Krishneil Lochan

Nerissa Rogerson

Paul Jaskierniak

Vanda Bacich

Ross Colvin

Antonio Foxlee

Vincent Lim

Con Diamantis

Dave Lord

Charli Hoffmann

Sara Fisher

Erick Watson

Denis Cowcill

Rob Wagstaff

Tony Nguyen

Natalie Folker

Dennis Dijkhuizen

Damon Thomas

Ben Harnwell

James Porter

Adele Kezich

Philbert Lu

Brent Driscoll

Fraulein Sarto

Eric Rangitaawa

Charbel Salloum (Entry 1)

Charbel Salloum (Entry 2)

Denis Hackney

Erik Lai

Edwin Robertson

Jamie Janz

Justin Morris

Alan Campbell

Andrew Oosthuizen

Brodie Hock

Chris Maxfield

Damien Collins

Daniel Koenigs

Dermot McDermott

Francis Tuason

Gavin Lyons

Hunter Beanland

Ian Tamplin

James Fogarty

Jui-Huan Ou

Murray Charlton

David Stevenson

Wendy Climpson

Jonathan Buch

William Hudson

Jennifer Saari

John Odom

Justin Chee

Ben Flint

Harold Cranford

Graham Jupp

Andrew Stinear

Kozo Morimoto

Nick Butler

Ross Brancatisano

Andrew Liu

Eddy Miller

Tony Jones

Qinson Ong

Clayton Wood

Yu Wooi Ching

Sam Simmonds

Dawei Deng (Entry 1)

Terry Host

Christian Shuard

Adrian McPherson

Jeffrey Schoer

Mariyam Ishfa Latheef

Jason Bain

Dawei Deng (Entry 2)

Jason Ralston

Ali Ghaleh

Rodney Boonzaayer

Jehan Bhagwagar

Stuart Baker

Dominik Hrstic

Ben St Aubyn

Yasser Tariq

Dylan Johnson

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