Uber Is Now Officially Live In Melbourne

If you hate getting around Melbourne as much as I hate getting around Sydney, you're in luck: Uber is now officially live in the Melbourne capital.

Uber went live early last week after trialling the service with a soft-launch since 7 January.

The cars Uber is using in Melbourne are a mite different to those in Sydney. Right now in the harbour city, Uber has a fleet which includes the Holden Caprice and a handful of Mercedes Benz four-wheel drives. In Melbourne, riders can expect to travel around in the Holden Caprice, Chrysler 300S or an as yet unnamed Lexus.

New users can score a $20 Uber credit to use in Melbourne by entering the code "melbournestealth" when registering. You're welcome.



    sorry, maybe i've been living under a rock but i have no idea what this is...
    some kind've taxi service? some description would be nice..

    So.... Another private taxi service? Great, I hope they screen their drivers to make sure they're more competent behind the wheel than the useless, arrogant VHA/VHB drivers!

      Not all companies/drivers offer the same level of service. Our VHA/VHB chauffeurs are polite, reliable, accredited and always fully uniformed. Some of our clients have been using us for over 5 years - we must be doing something right!

    Fantastic, can't wait to give up cabs altogether.

    Great article, I have no idea what Uber is.

      haha yeah I was wondering too, and what do they have to do with technology? Are they driven by robots or something.

        It's a tech startup from America. They use a whole bunch of math to make booking taxis/cars much more efficient, and in some cases cheaper. I've been using it in LA. Loving it.

    incompatible with ipod touch, laaaaaaaaaaaaame, it's a freakn booking app.

      booking, tracking and payment bob. Tracking and payment would be nigh impossible to do on an ipod touch unless you were travelling from your garage to your street.

      Laaaaaaaaame, you can't register without a phone number, and you can't send or receive SMS on an ipod touch. SMS is an integral part of the service. Get a real device.

    I used it all the time when I was in San Francisco. It was awesome. https://www.uber.com/cities/melbourne

    I had no idea what this article was about until i read the comments,
    I'm assuming it's an upmarket taxi service?!?

    Here's an idea: tell us what this actually is. I haven't a clue.

      See that blue link there says 'Uber went live early last week after trialling the service with a soft-launch since 7 January.' Maybe try clicking it?

    We've been using UBER in San Francisco and it great. You are advised exactly when the car will be arriving (we have not waited more than 6 mins) the name of the driver, his photo and the number plate of the car. No money (charged to your credit card) and no tipping (a big thing here), you get an email with the costs, plus you are asked to rate the driver and if the driver falls below 4.7 (out of 5) they can no longer drive. We love it.

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