Tylt's Energi Charging Backpack Is Worth Lugging Around

Wouldn't it be nice to travel with a reliable and portable power outlet for all of your mobile electronics? That's the dream that Tylt has possibly made a reality with its new Energi Backpack that houses a hefty 10,050mAh battery accessible via three USB ports, allowing even the iPad and other tablets to recharge while buried in your bag.

But what makes the Energi particularly slick is an inner networking system that lets you route cables and setup your own little power grid inside the pack. It includes microUSB, 30-pin dock connector, and lightning USB cables, and you're able to use your own charging adapters as well to supply power to devices inside any of the Energi's many pockets. The battery itself can be swapped in and out, but an easy-access USB cable means you never actually have to remove it for recharging. At $US169 it's on the high-end of gear bags, but when you consider it includes cables for your iOS gear and a big battery, it suddenly sounds like a real bargain.


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