TVs Sure Looked Dumb 10 Years Ago

Vizio has a cute, self-deprecating display up at CES. It showed a Vizio TV made 10 years ago compared to one made in 2012. TVs were butt fugly back then — it's as big a difference as a Palm Pilot and the iPhone 5.

Look at all that grey! Look at that stupid V! Look at those pimple buttons. Makes you wonder what TVs will look like 10 years from now.


    2002 TV Styling & Design - Crap
    2012 TV Styling & Design - Amazing
    2022 TV Styling & Design - Amazingly amazing

    2002 TV Programming - Crap
    2012 TV Programming - Crap
    2022 TV Programming - Crap

    Some things will never change.

      Looking forward to season 13 of Walking Dead though

        Season 13 of the walking dead, with its 15th showrunner!!!! Now that they've hired and fired half the producers in hollywood, and cycled through all the original cast, AMC feel they FINALLY have it right...

        Also, in 2025, the second half of Breaking Bads season 5 will screen... finally!

    its silver man, not grey... silver is the new black....

    My friend has a plasma from 2004 (she got it free from a friend who was tossing it) that doesn't even have HDMI, but imo the case looks *so* much better than anything now. Like it actually has some kind of style and design to it, it's not just a boring shiny black frame on the wall.

    I don't know, the one on the left has more character, if inferior design.

    I do like the Panasonic and Pioneer panels from 6-10 years ago though. I have nothing against reasonable sized bezels in a TV screen.

    Also, plasma forever.

    Most aged products and devices look crap to what they were 10 years ago. However that being said, the one on the left doesn't look too bad even today, and Im quite sure it was the shit back in its day with all praise being showered on it for its simplistic design etc etc.

    if only vizio got over their bad experience with some shonky reseller here in oz, and started selling.
    their tbs would blow everything else out of the water price vs function wise

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