Top Windows 8 Touch Apps: Reference/Readers

Want to make the most of the touch interface on your new Windows 8 tablet, hybrid or desktop? All week we're rounding up the best touch-friendly apps for Windows 8. Today: apps for tracking your news feeds and finding information fast.

Google Search

You can't have Chrome in a Windows 8 form, but the Google Search app gives you some of that goodness: easy search via typing or voice, access to other Google services, and full-screen viewing of pictures from Google Images.

Nextgen Reader

Bring your Google Reader feed into Windows 8 with this $2.99 app. While there's a three-column view for non-touch users, it's the grid-based view for touch devices that really shines. You can also pin multiple feeds to your start page.


This app gives you access to 40,000+ articles from HowStuffWorks. Content is sorted into channels for easy browsing, and there's plenty of video on offer too.


The free encylopedia that anyone can edit never looked so good. You can't actually edit, but the system offers a clean multi-column layout that switches to content headings when you zoom out. You can also read in multiple languages and pin articles for reference to your start page.

Simply Advanced Bases Converter

One for the programmers: a simple utility that automatically converts numbers across five bases (decimal, binary, hexadecimal, octal and base 36) as you type them in. Handy.

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