Tonight Holds Your Best Chance To Find An Online Date

Researchers say that if you want to land a date online this year, your best chance will be tonight at 8:52 PM. Why 8:52 PM? Because the combination of going back to work and New Year's resolutions will make millions of people sign onto their internet dating sites looking for a date. The more people online, the better your chances.

Traditionally the high time for online dating site traffic is the holiday/new year season. According to the Daily Mail, on, "interactions between members over the past seven days were 11 per cent higher than average" and 3.2 million people will go find a date online in January. And the most people that'll be online searching for a date will be online today, after work, after the holiday buzz and at the onset of a new year. At 8:52 PM. We all swear to eat better, live better and do everything better every year. We might as well game the system better to land us a date too. [Daily Mail via CNET, Image Credit: badahos/Shutterstock]

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